Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spit Fire

I am often asked which what is my favourite World War 2 airoplane. Well it just so happens to be the wonderful Spit fire. Here's a wonderful photo I took of two Spit fires that recently flew past the air show I was just happening to be attending. When I took this photo I wasn't too concerned about the technical aspects of taking the photo. The limitations of my camera wouldn't allow me to take a up close and personal photo of the pilots, but I knew that I would be able to make an excellent photo using my skills within thus said Photoshop. I saw many so called experts at the air show with massive cameras, but I'm reliably informed that some of them didn't get very good shots either! (that will teach them to snub the Argos value range of digital cameras!)

As you can tell, Photography is just another one of my many skills. If you are the pilot in this photo, and would like a framed copy of this photo, please get in touch. I'm sorry, but due to new laws about to come in over digital rights, I am unable to sell a copy of the photo to anyone other than the pilot, or his family.


  1. That should be a caption competition. Maybe a speech-bubble from the one spitfire.

    It'd be better if the spitfires were drawn in a cartoony style though.

  2. That's a great idea Nigel. I was thinking of creating a cartoon strip, or possibly a 26 part animation show on a pair of old warbirds. I think the possibilities are endless for cartoon, airoplane hilarity.

  3. You could call it "Air-Strip", (like what some runways are known as).

  4. That is a great idea Nigel, but I think I might like to call it Air Strip instead. I think it sounds better Nigel.