Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Which Pencil?

I am often asked which type of pencil I use to draw my wonderful cartoons. Do I use a cheap HB pencil from the post office perhaps? Do I use some expensive pencils bought from a blind monk with a dodgy knee perhaps?

Of course not. Get away from me, you lunatic. Is often my reply. Why is it so hard to get somebody sectioned these days?

But I realise that for many aspiring cartoonist that read my website looking for brilliant advice on getting on in the easy game of drawing silly little pictures for large amounts of money the choice of pencil is very important. I personally don't use pencils for my artwork, as I think it's better to draw directly onto the paper (I read that in a book). Drawing with pencil is for spineless cowards, who quite frankly don't have the skill or balls to spend 5 hours on a complex drawing directly in ink. I'm a MAN, and I draw directly in INK! So what if sometimes my pictures don't turn out quite as I intended? Remember, it's NOT the outcome that's important. If you attempt to draw a dog, and it ends up looking more like a goat - it doesn't matter! That's what the experts call, a unique style. (it's also what I call it).

It's also worth remembering that your clients are paying £20 per hour, so to spend hours and hours re-drawing cartoons to make them look perfect is going to cost your client money, and in this difficult economic climate money is a rare thing. No. It's much better to be quick. Draw what you want to draw, and be done with it. If it's not looking right, at least it's going to be cheap - and that's very important these days.


  1. Oh, so true!

    Personally I get my pencils from the pound shop. Not a pound each though, a pound for 20! Bargain!

  2. Ian, I followed the link to your blog, and duly noted that your seagull linocuts sell, correctly, for £20.00. Just like everything else around here.

    I've even been and gone and ordered one to decorate my nest!

  3. Nice sale, Ian! I hope Leonard gets his commission - usually agency fees would apply (75% plus your third born child). It's only fair.

  4. Hmmm. The buying links gone now!
    Maybe he's run out!