Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What your feet should wear to where?

I am often asked when I go on holiday, after I've been asked where I'm going on holiday, what type of foot shoe my feet will be wearing. Now this might not sound like something the average person would think about that much, and you'd be right. How often have you turned up to a wonderfully exotic holiday destination like Skegnes or Cleethorpes, only to find a fellow travellor wearing a pair of these:
This can really spoil a holiday, there's no doubt about that. What I like to remember when chosing my holiday destination is thinking about what other people who have travelled there before me might be wearing at that destination, at the approximate time that I may arrive at that destination (or similar time the previous year or season). Wellies may be quite suitable for wearing in Winter in Cleethorpes, but you'll stand out like an angry farmer in the height of summer wearing something like that in the height of the summer season.

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