Leonard Gubbins was born over 40 years ago in a normal terrace house. His mother was supposed to be cleaning the house at the time, but that was just typical of her slap-dash approach to paid work. Leonard soon recovered from the trauma of birth to quickly learn how to hold a pencil and make rather splendid marks on paper which resembled figures, or even sometimes people.

During his school years he was often critised and discouraged from spending his whole time writing feminist poetry and drawing cartoons, especailly during assembely. Most people he knew at this time did not appriciate his unique approach to the arts, and would often claim that "it looks nothing like a dog" and other such bitter commentary. Leonard, being the brilliant trailblazer that he is ignored all these people and continued to follow his dream of one day being a professional cartoonist, or maybe writer, or perhaps something to do with something he could do easily on his computer.

In early 2010 that dream came true. Leonard was contacted by the managing director of Google to trail their brand new produce, blogger in draft. Google clearly knew that someone's of Leonards calibre would be ideal to showcase their new technology. On that very day, TALENT FREE CARTOONS was born, and has since gone on. Many people have visited Leonards website, making it one of the most popular websites in the world today (in just a few short months). Some people have been so astounded by the shear awsomeness of TFC that they have not being able to bring themselves to visit again.

Leonard has since given up the worthless day job he once held, and now devouts his entire time to producing TFC's and dealing with the accounts of his (now) mulitnational company. His spare bedroom has now had all reminants of being a bedroom removed, such as the bed and the white formica side unit (except the Rupert Bear lamp shade, which is considered a luckily talisman for his career so far), to create a professional working space within his mothers home.

Stationary available to Leonard include various sizes of post it notes, a business class stapler (with spare staples) and a supply of 'cartoonist' paper from Tescos. Leonards business interests and connections include post office counters limited (purveyors of gel pens and stamps) and the local Turkish take-away. Leonard hopes to get published in a real magazine or newspaper soon, such as The Lancet, or Take a Break magazine. That's the sort of heights that Leonard has been aiming for since he was 37 years old, and something tells me, he won't stop until he gets what he wants.

If you'd like Leonard to draw you a cartoon, or write something (many different fonts available) then please contact him directly.