Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

This is a little late, but I'd like to wish all my customers (and those freeloaders who just visit my site to steal ideas) a very merry and sincere Christmas Wishes both from and to me.

Here is an extra special cartoon funny for you all to share for your families over this very special time of year. (available as tea towel design Q2 of 2012)

Hilarious Cartoon about Santa Clause and a Robot Dog that is attacking him with a Mince Pie. ©LG 2011

(more) Legal issues.

I am sorry, But I have had to remove some more posts, due to legal issues, which I cannot go into online on a blog that's viewed by so many people.

It seems that jealousy isn't just confined to the local residents association. It's a world wide phenomena.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I've laid an egg!

Thinking about the cartoon SHARP I posted yesterday, I have been thinking about how I could create my own unique approach to cartooning that would be unique to me, and not give The Creative Genius credit for work that I have done, using his idea.

This got me thinking. What if instead of drawing a cartoon in a unique shape, such as a triangle, I drew a cartoon in an egg shape instead and called it an egg?

I could lay an egg, each and every day!

Old style cartoonists are "squares"!

I have recently discoverd a new approach to the art of cartooning, inspired by the legendary Danny Burleigh "thecreativegenius". Instead of drawing cartoons in a boring old rectangle, like cartoonists have done for as long as they were drawing on the walls of The Daily Cave, he draws his hilarious and unique cartoons in a triangle, and calls them "sharps". To add to the creativity, he also includes a photo of himself at the side of each and every "sharp". In this post newspaper apoplectic world, I think the idea is really interesting.

The Creative Genius is indeed, very much so a genius for creating a new branch of cartooning artwork. I have attempted to recreate this style, and I don't mind telling you, it's not as easy as it looks! My triangle went a little wrong. Something I hope to improve on the more I do it. Who knows? Perhaps one day, all cartoons will be like this? I can see those so called, "expert" cartoonists resisting this new way of working (probably because it's technically difficult, and they are stuck in their ways) but I think this is the start of something big.

Expect more Dairy Lea cartoons to start popping up everywhere from today on wards.

Danny - you're a bloody genius!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Shocking ignorance of other cartoonist.

This is my entry into the 113 (perhaps I should have known, such an unlucky number) and it scored precisely NOTHING! Now I understand that other cartoonist find my art work intimidating, and that some of them like to stick to the rules of the contest, but I entered this in enough time for at least one or two of them to vote for me. It was not my fault that my next door neighbour had an issue with their garden appliance, that as a good citizen, I felt obliged to assist with, therefore missing the "technical" closing time for entries.

 I even offered an explanation of the cartoon, for those less intelligence than myself, as it was a caption less contest.

I realize that some of the readers of this very website are not gifted in the brains department either, so here is the explanation of the cartoon, so you can find it as hilarious as I do.

This is a Robot that has scared the poor child. Hair is sticking up on end to emphasize that the child finds the Robot scary.

Well, let me tell you. That could be the last time I assist a neighbour with their garden appliances, OR the last time I enter the cartoon contest. I haven't decided yet. I'm still seething at the lack of respect shown to me!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Top TEN things to do if you find out your next door neighbours are getting divorced.

Cartoon about divorcing neighbors. Available for sale
through this website. Unique sou -veneer 
Divorce is a popular statistic these days. Many people are doing it for all sorts of reasons. Some people are doing it because they are doing it.

What many people don't realise when they get divorced, is the effect that this will have on the people around them. Neighbours for instance. Quite often neighbours won't realise that their neightbours are getting a divorce until it's already happened and this can make things very awkward. Imagine popping over to borrow the lawn mower, only to find out that the lawn mower AND the lawn have been taken by the partner that is no more!

Here's a list of things that neighbours can do to avoid uncomfortable situations.

1. Talk to your neighbours at least once per week.
2. Take notes, if you overhear any arguments taking place. This could be valuable evidence, if things become real flaky pastry!  
3. Look out of your windows several times per day and make mental note of any visitors to the neighbours house. Plumber visiting 3 times per week for the last 4 months? Probably having an affair which could end in divorce.
4. Listen for typical 70's porn music coming from the house when the plumber is there. It could be very loud, drowning out any dialog!
5. If you lend your neighbour anything, ensure that you get it back withing a week or so. This reduces the chances that it'll get lost in the division of assets. It's your hedge trimmer, she has no right to give it to her new boyfriend.
6. If you think your neighbours are about to get divorced, then decide which neighbour you are going to side with. Probably best to pick the one that is most likely to remain in the house.
7. Do not under any circumstances offer to take a hit on the cheating partner. It is murder and you will go to prison (where many of your neighbours are likely to be divorced!)
8. If one partners belongings get thrown into the street, offer to browse through them and make an offer for any items you'd like (check electrical items are working first!). The thrown out partner will be grateful for the extra money that they'll need to spend on a B&B accommodation.
9. Don't take either neighbour in as a lodger, unless you need the £4,390 pa rent that you can charge tax free.
10. Good luck. Chances are that both your newly divorced neighbours will have to leave the marital home sooner or later. You will now get new neighbours. They may be friendly, or they may be common scum with a rabid dog and asbo kids. Whatever you do, try not to worry.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Riots UK 2011 - The rejection Section.

Terryble crimes have taken place recently, which have been ignored now because of the situation in Libya. Understandablely.

Many of my cartoonist friends seem to have been very busy getting topical cartoons rejected by publications, so I thought I'd join in. Everyone else is doing it, so I'm going to as well.

Here's my hilarious cartoon on the riots: 

I also thought it would be very nice of me to offer this as a t-shirt that people could wear to show their support for the riots and their victims.

Blogging Advice.

I often get asked in PM and private emails that none of you have seen, but I do, about advice on how to become a blogger like me, which is nice. Firstly, it's of the upmost importance to ensure that you have a computer. Blogging without a computer is quite impossible. I'll assume that as you are reading this on my blog, you perhaps do have a computer.

What processor you'll need to write a blog depends on many factors, but you'll probably be OK with any CPU (computer programmining unit) manufactorered within the last 5 - 10 years. A keyboard would be very useful also. Basically, any computer connected to the internet will enable you to write a basic blog.

Once you have a blog next, you'll need some readers to read your blog. Where you might find these might vary from person to person. Perhaps you live on your own, and all your family have emigrated to another country, and you can't afford the phone call to instruct them all to follow your blog. A good way to get readers for your blog is to steal them from other blogs, by constantly posting comments on other people's blogs and ensuring that a link to your own blog is included. Most proffessional bloggers are OK with this, as that's how they got so many readers for their blog.

A WARNING!. When you have a blog, on occassion you'll get bitter and twisted people who will want to upset you and tell you that you got something wrong. Perhaps cats don't get their main source of calcium from eating garden snails, but you must never respond to such vile people. Never admit you've got something wrong. Once you do, all you'll get is other people pointing out your errors! Remember, spelling mistakes are your own unuiqe style.

Well, that ends this short article on advice on how to make a successful blog. I've included some pictures (actually, a selection of my own hand drawn cartoons, available from just £20 as that's something else you should always do on a blog post - include some pictures!)

Monday, 15 August 2011

How to be a successful cartoonist part 4.

I have been drawing cartoons for pleasure and also for business purposes for over 18 months now, and it has been an extraordinary experience learning all about the talent required and how to market my unique creations with the online community. I have drawn tea towels and also roadworks and everything in between.

Most people I speak to about my unique creations assume that some artistic skill is required in producing the type of cartoons that people want to buy and give away to friends and family as unique gifts and suchlike. I've managed to keep families together with my off-beat humorous creations. Stave off divorce (sadly not my own, but that's another story), and have also helped online companies increase their sales targets, therefore I have also saved the small business economy and several jobs in the print on demand tea towel industry! 


I have also helped companies to develop a new range of underwear, based my my humorous designs and unique take on art and design. Quite frankly, I'm brilliant. And I'd like to share my unique techniques with my dear readership on this very blog.


  • How do I get ideas for drawing cartoons? I can draw people wearing trousers quite well, but I can't draw a halibut to save my life.
  • This is one of the most frequent, frequently asked question I get asked, as a question, and I'd like to answer it like this: Where to get ideas from? Put simply everywhere! All good cartoonists always carry a notebook with them. Whenever you get an idea you must write it down immediately, and make sure your notebook is always fully charged. All good cartoonist, therefore never stray too far from a friendly electrical socket!
  • Here's a list of subjects that might give you an idea or two (remember if you sell a cartoon from one of your ideas that you get from this blog, I would like a credit within the cartoon!)
  • Cowboys, Indians, cuttlefish, old women weeing themselves in a small post office branch, cavemen doing something like we might do, but in caveman type way (think, Flintstones!), car mechanics ripping off customers, dental nurses loosing patient records, Magazine subscription that never arrives, vomiting cats, shoppers realizing they've left that important voucher at home!, someone listening to the radio, with a poorly budgie!
Well I hope that's given you some starting points and gives you an idea of how to be a successful cartoonist. If you become I successful cartoonist because of these articles, I would love to hear from you. Please write to: leonard.gubbins@gmail.com Many thanks.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How do I sleep in a chair?

I have often been asked advice on such matters as such like and thus, but this week I am going to answer a query from a local person who I have been interacting with therefor whom within the environment of the street local to my own adobe.

This person, whom wished to remain anonymous, question was:

"sometimes I'm just too tired to go to bed at night, and have been thinking about sleeping in my arm chair. How would I go about doing this?"

That's a very interesting question that I would have very much enjoyed answering for my local fellow inhabitant of my local area, but I was in a hurry to rush home and sit down and write a blog post about arm chairs instead.

Firstly we need to know what an arm chair is.

This is not a chair. It is a stool, and consequently it is most unsuitable for sleeping in.

This is a chair, but it is only suitable for seating in, not sleeping in (or on depending on your political personification. 

This is much more like thus the item of furniture that we was discussing just outside the happy shopper.

Instructions for use:

  1. Sit in the chair
  2. Read a book, or watch a television. (it doesn't matter what kind, Sony, Phillips, Samsung even)
  3. Wait until you are tired.
  5. When you feel yourself drifting off to sleep let yourself go.
  6. Now get a cloth from the kitchen and clean the chair.
  7. Once chair is dry again, re-enter it and repeat process 1 - 4
  8. Wake up next morning any make appointment with a chiropractor. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Novelty Woman Inspirational Artwork Sketch.

I have been very busy this week, but I still managed to draw some wonderful artwork for your delight, and friendly to your wallet, while also solving your gift problems for months to come.

Fistly, I did this sketch:

I then decided that I could use my new found skills in Photoshop to create something magical with Photoshop. T-Shirts and Tea Towels.

You too could look like the cool guy at a summer BBQ, or even in B&Q!

Or you could buy your auntie Ethel a lovely set of Tea Towels that she could use to dry the cats bowls with, or just to impress the vicar when he pops round for a crunch cream and a gossip!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Unique fantasy artwork of your children.

Delightful Fantasy Art Photo. Both these children have hay-fever and asthma!

I have decided to offer this unique service to all the loyal readers of this website. Yes you too could have your loved ones immortalized in special fantasy artwork! All you need to do is send me a photo you'd like me to skillfully convert into something totally unique and unusual. Save a fortune on travelling to Japan. I will take your photo and convert it into a unique fantasy photo art-work that you will love. This would look great on a shopping bag, or oven glove, or even a tea towel.
If you'd like me to turn your photos into something truly unique using my skills then once I have your photo I will set to work (depending on day time TV schedule) and get the image back to you within 7 days. Then you can send the image to an online printer who will print the image on a poster, tea mug - whatever you want!!! You might even want to ask the online printer to make this a canvas print, so it looks like an original oil painting (extra charge from me of £8.95 if you choose this option). 

Prices on special offer of only from: £19.99 for one person in the photo, too £49.99 for two or more people in the photo.

So don't delay. I need the money!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Combining Jobs with my love of art.

I have recently started working for a home care agency as a bum wiper and cook. It's a great job really. The wages aren't too bad, but of course this isn't my real ambition in live. What I really want to be is a artist (with lots of money of course). I find drawing really easy, as you will see from the example below.

I love the dignity in this close up of her face. A face that must have seen so much over it's 80 odd years!

Ethel is a sweet old lady that I see every Thursday morning. She lives on here own, but despite this has taken a keen interest in my artwork. She thinks my artwork is lovely, and what better judge for the skill of my artistic ability than an old woman, who's had both cataracts done, and remembers how many children she had.

Unfortunately, I don't get much time with Ethel, as my visits are limited to just 15 minutes, so I could only do a very quick sketch - but she loves it and has shown it to her daughter! Here's the full sketch below:

Hope you like it. If you'd like a sketch doing of an old relative then please get in touch. Prices start from just £20. If it's a rush job (i.e. Granny might not last much longer) then the price will have to reflect this!

Friday, 24 June 2011

How much is too much?

I have often been asked how do I get into a line of business such as yours? I don't know what your line of business is, so I can't really answer that, but I assume they might mean (these people that I dream about) that what you mean is: How do you get into cartoons?

Cartoonists can charge anything they want to charge a customer. It's not like fridges. There is no Government price controls. Some charge £10 per cartoon (but they aren't very good if they are charging that much). and some charge £20 (these are usually better cartoonists). and sometimes as much as £2,000! It all depends how you want to use the cartoon. For instance, in my instance I would charge someone more money if they wanted to hang my cartoon in their through lounge, and I would charge less money if they just wanted to hang it in their downstairs lav. If they wanted a bespoke service, such as a limited run of tea-towels printing with a cartoon design of their favorite tortoise, or a much loved child for instance thus far and such like.

Hilarious Child/Tortoise Cartoon by Leonard Gubbins Design Studio Limited.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Life isn't easy being a cartoonist.

Sometimes I wonder how this works. I draw cartoons, and people buy them if they like them. Quite often people don't like them. This makes me sad. As sad as someone with a freshly seeded lawn that's just held a donkey derby.

How can I make people like my cartoons more? I can't change how I draw them, as this is how I draw them in my own unique style. It's an expression of who I am, and I can't go against that without becoming someone else. Some people call my art naive and immature, to which I disagree and shout at them for being so horrible. I won't deal with people like these.

Why oh why can't people just like my cartoons as much as I do? I think they are brilliant, and I used to watch Only Fools & Horses, well before it became popular with the rest of the country. Even google thinks my cartoons are brilliant. For instance, if you type into Google, "brilliant cartoons by Leonard Gubbins", this site will be the first result. Conclusive proof if anyone needed it.

Here's a picture of an old woman at the shops:

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hear's more unoriginal crap.

I'm stunned. Just this very morning (incidentally the three year anniversary of the death of my mothers next door neighbor of all days!) I discover that someone has been copying my hard work of hilarious cartoons and illustrations (at reasonable prices). 

I cannot understand why anyone would want to copy my highly original artwork, done using unique methods, that no one else should be using. Here' is the offending cartoon:

and here is the cheap copy:

As you can see the similarities are just staggering. Why would someone want to do this to me? I depend on drawings such as the above one thus. I'm sorry to say this, but if I ever find out who is pirating my hilarious cartoons (at reasonable prices) I shall have no option to sue them.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Success has made a failure of my blog (home)

As some of you will have realised by now, I have not been able to post on this wonderful platform of Talent Free-handeness that is thus the Blog Called Talent Free. There are 3 reasons for this. 

1. I have been very busy with an unfortunate incident with the Works and Benefits office that have libelled me in the most vicious manner, by claiming that I was claiming something that I shouldn't have been claiming, but of course this was something that they should have not claimed. I could have sued them for this terrible slander, but it turned out the that man standing behind me in the queue was in fact deaf and didn't even here the slandering claims made by the benefits officer. Their claim is still outstanding.

2.  I have been incredibly busy with my home based online multi-level designs promotional business. I have sold an incredible 3 designs to some companies run by people who wouldn't know a decent designer if they cut their price to a mere £20 per design with multiple FREE redesigns. Sadly, while they are delighted with my design work I have thus done for them, and they would recommend my services to anyone with a business, there is no examples of my work on their websites, as they just wanted the illustrations for concepts.

3. My popular designs for a badge for children to wear, warning people that they was ginger resulted in yet another unfortunate incident with the legal team of the  local community cohesion team. It's a sad state of affairs how vexatious this country has now become, when I designer such as thus myself cannot produce something for fun, in case of upsetting people with ginger hair! I cannot comment further on this, as the matter is now in the hands of my lawyer.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Sad Picture.

This week I have decided against publishing one of my hilarious cartoons that you all love (to have on tea towels etc). and I have decided to post some serious artwork instead. This is a portrait of my wife I did when I got my new bamboo graphics tablet, and shortly before she left me! That was lucky, as I doubt she'd sit for a portrait now.

So even serious art can be poignant and sad. Not always about having a laugh. My psychiatrist has told me that these feelings will pass soon, as long as I continue with the medication and stop drinking Stella. Truth be told, I haven't been to the local social club for over three weeks now, and that's nothing to do with the graffiti in the gents (wasn't me!). 

So if you'd like a lovely portrait of your wife, get in touch quick - before she leaves you and you loose the chance to have a lovely portrait of your wife. Fees start from just £20 plus postage fee*

*This design is not available on a tea towel, due to legal advice.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Washing up liquid - a taste test.

Much has been said during history about the different flavours of washing up liquid. I'm here today to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the different flavours, and you help you, the listener to decide which one is the best for your own domestic situation.

Recently I had the great pleasure of sampling many different flavours of washing up liquid. This is NOT about dishwasher tables. You'll have to go elsewhere for something like that sort of thing!

I started my research with a bottle of Fairy, lemon flavour. After washing up a cup, I let it air dry for approximately 4 hours, before I made a cup of tea in it.

Tasting the tea, it tasted like tea.

Next I washed the same cup with Co-Op Mint flavour washing up liquid (with anti-bacterial agents). I deciding that leaving the cup each and every time for 4 hours to air dry would take far too long, so I used a Matalan Blue Check Tea towel this time to dry to cup and wait for the kettle to boil. (Rusell Hobs).

Tasting the tea, it tasted like tea. I was expecting it to taste like mint tea, but it did not taste like mint tea at all in the slightest.

I was about to test the Tesco Lavender flavour washing up liquid, when my wife/girlfriend came home from her job as an admin assistant for the local abattoir. She insisted on knowing why I had opened two new bottles of washing liquid, and was I going through that stage where I was mixing random household products again, and on, and on. and why hadn't I peeled the potatoes for the spag bol she had planned! (we don't like pasta in this house).

I decided it might be better to finish this experiment at a later day or date.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Prostitutes aren't all that bad.

Tarts. Strumpets. Whores. There's many different words for women who are short of a bob or two. But should we be worried when they decide to stand around our favourite parking space looking for a customer, or two? I have never had a prostitute on my cul-de-sac, although there was once a woman who lived at number 57 who I think might have been having trouble making her mind up, which laborer was doing the best job on her lagging, if you know what I mean.

Here's a really hilarious cartoon that explores this important social issue in this day and age and what have you. For all you women out there, it's soon to be available as an oven glove design. Prices from the bargain price of just £20, plus £17.65 p&p and a £6.99 admin fee.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fiesta Magazine...

I have always been interested in reading about cars such as the Ford Fiesta (MkI version only). and thought it would be a great idea to learn how to draw a Ford Fiesta and then perhaps I could start a new career with illustration for something like Auto Car magazine. Many people draw cars that look like this:

Which of course is no good at all. The suspension on such a car would never clear a speed hump, or even a sleeping policeman. And there's no rear lights. It's very important when drawing cars that they do look like they would at the very least pass a back street MOT.

I am not aware of any artists currently working for the Motoring press who draw such sub-standard drawings of Ford Fiestas or Nissan Micras, but if I ever hear of such an artist, I will be writing a very strongly worded letter to the editor of (whichever publication it is!) and tell them that I will take over their job (probably for much less money as well).

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Reynold Girls - I'd Rather Jack

I won't do it, I just won't do it.

Sad news about this blog. After 1 year of building up a brilliant relationship with online multi-disciplinary business associates and many of you, my loving pubic, I have decided to continue with this blog for yet another year. Yes, it hasn't been as successful as I'd hope. None of the major media outlets stumbled upon it (despite me adding it to Stumble Upon with a brilliant review and everything!) and I've not become incredibly wealthy like Donald Disney or any of the other well know cartoonists and SEO experts out there.

Disappointment, yes. But I'm the sort of person that is not put off by death threats and legal action. In fact, that sort of thing drives me on to succeed even more. Tell me it's rubbish, and I'll just keep on coming with it over and over again. The more people tell me I can't draw, the more I will draw. Come to think of it, if people told me I was a brilliant drawer, then I would also continue to draw. There's no stopping me really. You're opinion counts for nothing!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Celebrity Portraits for 2011

As you may know, I am a big fan of LuLu, and it's not just my love of healthy yogurt that makes me say that. He's the latest sketch I did of the pint sized, Scottish, pop star and advertiser of expensive margarine. It's obvious to anyone looking at this artisitic and unique sketch who it is they are looking at right away. If you have a favourite celebrity that you would like a professional sketch of, why not commission me to draw you one? Prices start from just £20.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Conoleell Gadaffy Duck.

New's just in: Colonel Gadaffi has run away from Libya after terrible protests on the streets. I thought it would be great fun to make an hilarious cartoon of this historic event, and so here it is.

Cartoon is entitled "Gaddaffy Duck", as in quick Gadaffi, duck there's lots of bullets flying, and most of them are being fired by your murderous regime!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hilarious Valentine's day joke for those in love with a street cleaner/hygiene operative.

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers. Here's a cartoon that I did recently (for today) for a friend of mine who is in love with a street sweeper. The friend didn't want me to sign the card, just in case in caused confusion as to who it was from, so I didn't, but I did sign it on here so people could see that it's another original Leonard Cartoon and that it's copyrighted by me, Leonard Gubbins. I drew this in a Viz style as my friend thinks that he's the sort that might read the Viz Comic. I'll let you know if she gets anywhere, or indeed, if she is indeed sweeped off her feet (as she hopes). It would be nice if her daughter Kylie had a little sister, I think.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hilarious Used car salesman Cartoon.

I have been very busy drawing cartoons in a viz style which I hope that private eye will accept for publication (as it's printed on the same sort of paper, I think it would look good in private eye, and it's in tune with their sort of off-beat humour that they like).

I'm sorry, but I may have to remove this cartoon at the end of the week, if Paul Merton (publisher of private eye) decides to take the cartoon. It would be wonderful if they did, although I'm not sure how much they pay for a cartoon in private eye. This one took me extra time as it's in full colour, so I think they should pay more for it. Why don't they publish how much they pay for cartoons? They'd get a lot more people sending them cartoons if they did. I think it could be as much as £50 per cartoon - but I will negoitate hard when they email back to tell me they want this, as it's in full colour.

The parish newsletter market has strunk somewhat since I last wrote about it. The editor of the local one, St Mary's Parish News, has told me that they have had problems with their usual printer, and that my cartoons are not required at the moment, as the Vicars wife has created some wonderful word searches which means theirs not enough room in the current issues for cartoons! Of course I think they are being very foolish, and the circulation of the parish news will decline, especially amongst the illiterate of this parish!

Monday, 7 February 2011

How many Websites are enough?

I have often being asked about my multiple disciplinary approach to conducting business relations on the internet, or even the world wide web. Since starting my multi-platform, proof reading, article writing, e-commerce guruing and cartooning business on the internet, I have become know amongst those that I allow into my inner circle of internet associates (facebook friends mostly), as something of an expert in all of the above disciplines on an ad hoc learn as I go along, basis. One of my regulars on Facebook asked me a question recently, as it could have been just last week, depending on when you are reading this (extensive archive of this said, thus material and articles available online, via Google and other such search engines). The question was, "how many website should I have to appear as professional as possible to potential clients, both future and next week?".

I knew the answer to this question immediately, as it's obvious to anyone who is an experienced expert in the field of search engine optimization and conducting business of an online nature on the web (or WWW). The answer to the question is, as many as possible!

People I know are always impressed when I tell them how many websites I own. It's like lock up garages, but in a virtual way. Caution has to be taken here, with so many websites, it's always important to ensure that you have all your website listed in the signature of any emails you send, as this is good effective and FREE marketing for yourself, which you can include (even to emails to your elderly aunt, as long as she has the internet of course!).


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Comic Sans Criminal?

Hear's a link to a link about a thing that is now being called the comic sans criminal. Apparently if your not a cartoonist you're not supposed to use comic sans as it's designed for comics, not under takers toilet notices, or something like that.

Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. I wish Blogger would allow comic sans. I think it would enhance this blog considerably, which means: would make this blog better!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Community Relations.

Another popular cartoon from my archives. This one nearly appeared in a school newsletter about community relations between the authorities and young people, but the head of year thought it might corse offence. Oh well. Educations loss, is you're gain (as a reader of this blog!).

I don't hold back when I'm using my cartoons to make cutting comentary on current issues in today's multicultural society. Today a maverick, tommorrow an inspired genius that new what was going on all the time? Perhaps!

Monday, 31 January 2011

This is a cartoon of a fried egg being thrown in a road working hole. Other hilarious cartoons are available for hire or rent, for your newsletter or business presentation. Perhaps you have a company that builds roadworks and you'd like this to liven up your presentation about road works? Or maybe you have a fried egg shop? Give me a call on: leonard.gubbins@googlemail.com 

Friday, 28 January 2011

Thatcher or Black?

I have been making more fun cartoons with built in hilarity of celebrities. This week I have mostly been drawing well known and instantly recognisable celebrities from the United Kingdom. I started to draw this with the intention of capturing the likeness of that wonder lady of the stage, Cilla Black, but after I finnished drawing it, I realise it might look a bit more like Margaret Thatcher, who used to be the Prime Minister of this very country. OR at least Janet Brown impressioning her in the 1980's quite badly, with a poor make up budget.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Eating Toilet.

Last weekend I was at a dinner party when one of the guest mistakenly attempted to eat the off kitchen toilet instead of the prawn starter. I thought it would make a great cartoon, so I drew a cartoon as soon as I got home, and here it is. I don't really know if the person in the cartoon has a sense of humour, and I think they had been drinking a lot before they arrived. It created some hilarity at the party, that's for sure! This hilarious cartoon is available for sale, on mugs or teatowels etc thus. I have drawn the poo on the toilet floor in a Viz style (issue 134, page 8)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Chaos in the kitchen.

Those of you who have a kitchen in their house will be familiar with the problem of how to store a selection of fruit squashes, even if you don't enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit squash yourself, you may want to have some available if you have visitors and suchlike. Not everyone likes to drink tea or coffee (those are easy to organise into tea caddies and coffee jars anyway, so don't require an article here anyway).

The solution that I have developed after many years of fruit squash "oh I think I have some somewhere" situation, is to have the various bottles on display in my kitchen on the kitchen side. To avoid the chaos of not knowing which fruit squash is which, I have attached labels to the wall behind them. For instance, 1. is Londis Orange squash 2. is Lime Cordial 3. is Apple & Blackcurrent and 4. is orange squash from a posh supermarket without E numbers (unopened).

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year. New Cartoons.

Well I do hope you all had a very nice Christmas (Xmas). I know that I did. Lovely time with the family, but sadly for the world of cartoons not much time to draw in-between peeling sprouts and being a busy mother of two. This led me to think about the meaning of Christmas more and more this year. What's it all for? Well apart from the wonderful gifts I received, including a lovely bumper pack of Gel pens from WHSMITHS from my partner. They are still in the wrapper with the giant Toblarone (Chocolate) bar, but I intend to put them to good use very soon.

Unsurprisingly the commissions for cartoons dried up somewhat over the Christmas season of Wintevil. At first I feared this might have something to do with the recession we keep reading so much about in the Daily Mail and other such places suchlike. But it seems those in the market for a cartoon, were also enjoying the Christmas (Xmas) holiday season too as well.

Here's a cartoon of my eldest opening his favourite Christmas (Xmas) present, which is what Christmas (Xmas) is all about really: