Friday, 27 May 2011

Success has made a failure of my blog (home)

As some of you will have realised by now, I have not been able to post on this wonderful platform of Talent Free-handeness that is thus the Blog Called Talent Free. There are 3 reasons for this. 

1. I have been very busy with an unfortunate incident with the Works and Benefits office that have libelled me in the most vicious manner, by claiming that I was claiming something that I shouldn't have been claiming, but of course this was something that they should have not claimed. I could have sued them for this terrible slander, but it turned out the that man standing behind me in the queue was in fact deaf and didn't even here the slandering claims made by the benefits officer. Their claim is still outstanding.

2.  I have been incredibly busy with my home based online multi-level designs promotional business. I have sold an incredible 3 designs to some companies run by people who wouldn't know a decent designer if they cut their price to a mere £20 per design with multiple FREE redesigns. Sadly, while they are delighted with my design work I have thus done for them, and they would recommend my services to anyone with a business, there is no examples of my work on their websites, as they just wanted the illustrations for concepts.

3. My popular designs for a badge for children to wear, warning people that they was ginger resulted in yet another unfortunate incident with the legal team of the  local community cohesion team. It's a sad state of affairs how vexatious this country has now become, when I designer such as thus myself cannot produce something for fun, in case of upsetting people with ginger hair! I cannot comment further on this, as the matter is now in the hands of my lawyer.


  1. As an erstwhile flame-haired partially deaf badge collector, I'm a little at a loss for words. But I think it's good to have you back, Lenoard. I think.

  2. I am deeply sorry if I have caused you offence, and I don't just say this because you are my only regular blog reader.

    I will post an article soon about how great ginger, deaf badge collectors are soonly, to redress the balance.