Saturday, 27 November 2010

I want to tattoo your arm!

I've had this great idea that I've seen on some other websites. Having drawn lots of really popular cartoons, that people just simply adore, someone that is a very good online friend has suggested that she'd quite like to see my cartoon policeman tattooed onto her arm or buttock. Now I'm not really used to tattooing people's skin. I'm more familiar with tattooing pieces of paper with a gel pen, but being the professional that I have decided to be, I have agreed to do this on her kitchen table next week!

Of course in line with my current fees having to be increased because of the imminent VAT increase, I now find myself having to charge £30 per cartoon, but the good news for my very good online friend is that the image on her arm will belong to her exclusively (so if she wants to have someone take a photo of her, with her arm attached) then I will not be charging a further license fee, unlike some other rip of cartoonists that, while making lots of money and driving flash cars like 59 plate Nissan Notes, will exploit their customers. The arm image will belong to her, as sure as any infection will also be entirely her responsibility.

It seems her father was once a policeman, until he was pushed out of the force for an unfortunate incident with a potato peeler and a repeat offender in the late 1980's, and as a tribute to her dad, she'd like a tattoo with the image below. I think that's a lovely thing for a daughter to do for her father. Heavily tattooed daughters, always love their daddies. That is clear.

Now to hit Google, or TalentWriter Community Website for articles on how to tattoo an arm or bottom with a fatherly tribute.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Council housed Timeshare

I have noticed in the recent news lately that the new Government plans to prevent people who don't have a lot of money living in Council Houses for too long after they move in. I think this is an excellent idea. A bit like timeshare for homeless people. Why should they get a home for life and security of tenure for life when other people with more money don't have the same security with their own homes?

As you will have noticed, and I make no apologies for this, I am getting more political with my cartoons. I hope one day to become a political cartoonist. Perhaps I could be a political cartoonist for a decent newspaper, like The Daily Mail, or the Daily Telegraph, or if they won't have me - perhaps a working class newspaper like the Times of London (times cartoons anyone?).

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I have been very busy just lately and haven't been able to update this website for the same length of time that I have been busy doing other things. I don't often get the time I need to drawer cartoons, as I have to provide house keeping services to my large family of cats, and time permitting, the children. This week I had to take my cat to the vets for some injections. I was staggered by the cost of these injections. How can a tiny amount of liquid cost £49.58, I don't know. It doesn't even seem to improve the cat in anyway. But this did make me think of this hilarious cartoon, which I was able to drawer this morning as I had a few hours spare to myself this morning, inbetween doing all the laundry and scraping plates from last nights take-away dinner (too busy to cook).

Back to the cartoon. Can you imagine if these expensive injections actually did something strange to your cat, like make it grow into a super cat? (btw, don't think just because they sell food that claims such claims that it works, it doesn't. They can't fly after eating it! I should know!) I think the vet must have thought I was very strange as I let out a little giggle when I thought of this hilarious cartoon idea while the nurse was being scratched about the face by Mr Tiddleworth.

So it just goes to show that even something as expensive and mudane as a trip to the vets with a cat (or possibly even a dog) can lead to a brilliant and hilarious cartoon idea. One which hopefully will make me enough money to pay the vets bills in the future. I have sent this off to Cat World. Their office girl said that they don't take cartoons, but I've sent it anyway, as I think this is just the sort of thing to change the editors mind. Later today, when I go to the local spar, I might even buy a copy, so I can get a feel of what that magazine is all about.

Wish me luck.

Leonard x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How to drawer a cartoon filing cabinet. Part 1.

As promised, here is the lesson on how to draw a cartoon filing cabinet. Thanks to Pin Ups Office supplys (Dunstable) for the loan of the filing cabinet and preferential rates on post it notes.