Friday, 26 November 2010

Council housed Timeshare

I have noticed in the recent news lately that the new Government plans to prevent people who don't have a lot of money living in Council Houses for too long after they move in. I think this is an excellent idea. A bit like timeshare for homeless people. Why should they get a home for life and security of tenure for life when other people with more money don't have the same security with their own homes?

As you will have noticed, and I make no apologies for this, I am getting more political with my cartoons. I hope one day to become a political cartoonist. Perhaps I could be a political cartoonist for a decent newspaper, like The Daily Mail, or the Daily Telegraph, or if they won't have me - perhaps a working class newspaper like the Times of London (times cartoons anyone?).


  1. Is that Blakey from 'On The Buses', Leonird? Has he taken up politics? I think you should try publications that don't currently use cartoons first, like 'Hores and Hounds'.

  2. I would like to get a job working in cartoons, but they'd have to be flexible, because I can't work wednesdays, due to other committments I have on wednesdays.