Saturday, 10 November 2012

A very funny shop based cartoon.

Here's one of my latest cartoon gags that I have drawn. I think it's very funny, because the woman might not need a bag for her giant jar of honey, or she might not, or the shop assistant might be referring to her as some sort of bag. I think it's just marvelous, and so did Burt when I showed it to him. He thought I should enter in into the CCGB caption contest this week, but I'm not so sure. I think it would be unfair to amature cartoonists to post such a professional piece of work.

Talking of Burt, he's part of the reason I have sadly neglected this very website and have not updated. He's had health problems, but now the catheter is fitting he's doing much better. As long as the rash stays at bay, he should make an full 93% recovery, although he won't be able to drive his moped any more. I can't say much more, to protect Burt's privacy.

Back to the cartoon. I appriciate that many aspiring cartoonists would like to know how to become aspiring cartoonists like me, a professional.

Looking at the elements in the cartoon. I created a 3D effect (don't worry, you don't need glasses to see this, unless you need glasses to see other things) by creating a unique perspective, using a floorboard effect on the floor of the shop. I also hand shaded the cariatures in the cartoon, I did this by hand, and not by machine - as that would be cheating, and it also creates an unique style. One quick glance is all that's needed to see that it's one of my unique cartoons, although I have been spending some time on developing my "street" signature for when I next get something published.

In other news: I have been linked to which is an urban breakaway cartoonist collective crew, I believe. That's nice. I hope I'll be able to contribute something to their wonderful* online magazine soon (Burt has another appointment this week, and I'd said I'd take him in the we'll see)