Thursday, 3 November 2011

Old style cartoonists are "squares"!

I have recently discoverd a new approach to the art of cartooning, inspired by the legendary Danny Burleigh "thecreativegenius". Instead of drawing cartoons in a boring old rectangle, like cartoonists have done for as long as they were drawing on the walls of The Daily Cave, he draws his hilarious and unique cartoons in a triangle, and calls them "sharps". To add to the creativity, he also includes a photo of himself at the side of each and every "sharp". In this post newspaper apoplectic world, I think the idea is really interesting.

The Creative Genius is indeed, very much so a genius for creating a new branch of cartooning artwork. I have attempted to recreate this style, and I don't mind telling you, it's not as easy as it looks! My triangle went a little wrong. Something I hope to improve on the more I do it. Who knows? Perhaps one day, all cartoons will be like this? I can see those so called, "expert" cartoonists resisting this new way of working (probably because it's technically difficult, and they are stuck in their ways) but I think this is the start of something big.

Expect more Dairy Lea cartoons to start popping up everywhere from today on wards.

Danny - you're a bloody genius!


  1. You are a jerk! Youll be hearing from my lawyer!

  2. That's a nice compliment to a up and coming Cartoonist. Interesting style.

  3. As ever, you're being too modest Leonard! I think you've mastered this subtle art of the 'Sharp' brilliantly and hilariously. It's a properly surreal take on what's normally a frankly boring activity and - like any true genius - you've created a masterpiece from it!

    Thank you for bringing Danny thecreativegenius to this site, too.

  4. Do you think if you asked nicely, Danny would contribute to this blog, too? Of course, he may be of too high a status for this, but never forget the adage "A cat may look at a King"

  5. Did you mean 'Dairy Leah' cartoons, perchance?

  6. Have you heard from his lawyer yet, Leonird? I have. I got a letter from him written in wax crayon, on account of him not being allowed access to sharp instruments. How ironic is that?