Thursday, 3 November 2011

I've laid an egg!

Thinking about the cartoon SHARP I posted yesterday, I have been thinking about how I could create my own unique approach to cartooning that would be unique to me, and not give The Creative Genius credit for work that I have done, using his idea.

This got me thinking. What if instead of drawing a cartoon in a unique shape, such as a triangle, I drew a cartoon in an egg shape instead and called it an egg?

I could lay an egg, each and every day!


  1. This isn't as good Leonard. Not as good at all. In fact, it's a bit shit. Sorry, I know that will upset you, but I'm sorry to have to say this - it's back to the drawing board for you!

  2. Where do these cartoon eggs come from Leonard?

  3. I suspect there may be some bitter professional envy hidden within the cloak of anonymity in those last two posts, Lenord. Don't you pay them no never mind. I think your ovum is definitely above average.