Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Prostitutes aren't all that bad.

Tarts. Strumpets. Whores. There's many different words for women who are short of a bob or two. But should we be worried when they decide to stand around our favourite parking space looking for a customer, or two? I have never had a prostitute on my cul-de-sac, although there was once a woman who lived at number 57 who I think might have been having trouble making her mind up, which laborer was doing the best job on her lagging, if you know what I mean.

Here's a really hilarious cartoon that explores this important social issue in this day and age and what have you. For all you women out there, it's soon to be available as an oven glove design. Prices from the bargain price of just £20, plus £17.65 p&p and a £6.99 admin fee.


  1. Given the subject matter here, rather than oven gloves, I think these should be made into gloves to protect your mitts whilst carrying out a hand shandy, or a five-knuckle-shuffle, or a Popozogolou (as described so eloquently in 'Personal Services'). It would mean that you could carry on your pastry making afterwards without the need to wash your hands, thereby saving valuable time.

  2. Where can I get an awesome green shirt like the one in your doodle, Leonarp?

  3. I imagine you could try at Primark, or failing that, Materland. I know you can get pants in that colour, as that seems to be the style of the moment. But what if you get run over?

    They don't think of things like this.