Monday, 7 February 2011

How many Websites are enough?

I have often being asked about my multiple disciplinary approach to conducting business relations on the internet, or even the world wide web. Since starting my multi-platform, proof reading, article writing, e-commerce guruing and cartooning business on the internet, I have become know amongst those that I allow into my inner circle of internet associates (facebook friends mostly), as something of an expert in all of the above disciplines on an ad hoc learn as I go along, basis. One of my regulars on Facebook asked me a question recently, as it could have been just last week, depending on when you are reading this (extensive archive of this said, thus material and articles available online, via Google and other such search engines). The question was, "how many website should I have to appear as professional as possible to potential clients, both future and next week?".

I knew the answer to this question immediately, as it's obvious to anyone who is an experienced expert in the field of search engine optimization and conducting business of an online nature on the web (or WWW). The answer to the question is, as many as possible!

People I know are always impressed when I tell them how many websites I own. It's like lock up garages, but in a virtual way. Caution has to be taken here, with so many websites, it's always important to ensure that you have all your website listed in the signature of any emails you send, as this is good effective and FREE marketing for yourself, which you can include (even to emails to your elderly aunt, as long as she has the internet of course!).

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  1. Some of those links aren't working. I thought I'd better warn you, some of them are.