Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hilarious Used car salesman Cartoon.

I have been very busy drawing cartoons in a viz style which I hope that private eye will accept for publication (as it's printed on the same sort of paper, I think it would look good in private eye, and it's in tune with their sort of off-beat humour that they like).

I'm sorry, but I may have to remove this cartoon at the end of the week, if Paul Merton (publisher of private eye) decides to take the cartoon. It would be wonderful if they did, although I'm not sure how much they pay for a cartoon in private eye. This one took me extra time as it's in full colour, so I think they should pay more for it. Why don't they publish how much they pay for cartoons? They'd get a lot more people sending them cartoons if they did. I think it could be as much as £50 per cartoon - but I will negoitate hard when they email back to tell me they want this, as it's in full colour.

The parish newsletter market has strunk somewhat since I last wrote about it. The editor of the local one, St Mary's Parish News, has told me that they have had problems with their usual printer, and that my cartoons are not required at the moment, as the Vicars wife has created some wonderful word searches which means theirs not enough room in the current issues for cartoons! Of course I think they are being very foolish, and the circulation of the parish news will decline, especially amongst the illiterate of this parish!


  1. I thought Private Eye charged cartoonists to print their cartoons on account of it being darned good publicity because if people want to find darned good cartoons, they'll go to Private Eye first, so that's fair. Never underestimate the value of good exposure - worth 20 quid of any cartoonists' dosh!

  2. I didn't realise this. I should have been sending them £20 with every cartoon? Oh, now I feel silly, thinking they rejected all those cartoons because they could see how brilliant they are - now I know the truth.

    I'm writing a cheque!