Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Chaos in the kitchen.

Those of you who have a kitchen in their house will be familiar with the problem of how to store a selection of fruit squashes, even if you don't enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit squash yourself, you may want to have some available if you have visitors and suchlike. Not everyone likes to drink tea or coffee (those are easy to organise into tea caddies and coffee jars anyway, so don't require an article here anyway).

The solution that I have developed after many years of fruit squash "oh I think I have some somewhere" situation, is to have the various bottles on display in my kitchen on the kitchen side. To avoid the chaos of not knowing which fruit squash is which, I have attached labels to the wall behind them. For instance, 1. is Londis Orange squash 2. is Lime Cordial 3. is Apple & Blackcurrent and 4. is orange squash from a posh supermarket without E numbers (unopened).


  1. Ingenuous, Leondra!

    But you missed out 5. Concentrate!

  2. I was just giving an sample. Ribena is not a great sample. Ask any policeman and you get strange looks, believe me.