Friday, 17 June 2011

Life isn't easy being a cartoonist.

Sometimes I wonder how this works. I draw cartoons, and people buy them if they like them. Quite often people don't like them. This makes me sad. As sad as someone with a freshly seeded lawn that's just held a donkey derby.

How can I make people like my cartoons more? I can't change how I draw them, as this is how I draw them in my own unique style. It's an expression of who I am, and I can't go against that without becoming someone else. Some people call my art naive and immature, to which I disagree and shout at them for being so horrible. I won't deal with people like these.

Why oh why can't people just like my cartoons as much as I do? I think they are brilliant, and I used to watch Only Fools & Horses, well before it became popular with the rest of the country. Even google thinks my cartoons are brilliant. For instance, if you type into Google, "brilliant cartoons by Leonard Gubbins", this site will be the first result. Conclusive proof if anyone needed it.

Here's a picture of an old woman at the shops:

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  1. It's a mystery, and no mistake, Leondra. I find it helps at times like these to ask yourself "What would Jesus do?". If you're not religious, you could ask "What would Professor Richard Dawkins do?". Either way, the answer may well be the same, and involve wine.

    Cute cartoon!