Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogging Advice.

I often get asked in PM and private emails that none of you have seen, but I do, about advice on how to become a blogger like me, which is nice. Firstly, it's of the upmost importance to ensure that you have a computer. Blogging without a computer is quite impossible. I'll assume that as you are reading this on my blog, you perhaps do have a computer.

What processor you'll need to write a blog depends on many factors, but you'll probably be OK with any CPU (computer programmining unit) manufactorered within the last 5 - 10 years. A keyboard would be very useful also. Basically, any computer connected to the internet will enable you to write a basic blog.

Once you have a blog next, you'll need some readers to read your blog. Where you might find these might vary from person to person. Perhaps you live on your own, and all your family have emigrated to another country, and you can't afford the phone call to instruct them all to follow your blog. A good way to get readers for your blog is to steal them from other blogs, by constantly posting comments on other people's blogs and ensuring that a link to your own blog is included. Most proffessional bloggers are OK with this, as that's how they got so many readers for their blog.

A WARNING!. When you have a blog, on occassion you'll get bitter and twisted people who will want to upset you and tell you that you got something wrong. Perhaps cats don't get their main source of calcium from eating garden snails, but you must never respond to such vile people. Never admit you've got something wrong. Once you do, all you'll get is other people pointing out your errors! Remember, spelling mistakes are your own unuiqe style.

Well, that ends this short article on advice on how to make a successful blog. I've included some pictures (actually, a selection of my own hand drawn cartoons, available from just £20 as that's something else you should always do on a blog post - include some pictures!)

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  1. Some cracking advice there, Leondra.