Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The best font for your cartoons ...

... has surely got to be this one.


  1. Are you trying to be funny Cathy? Because this is a Talent Free Cartoon Blog and I'm not sure we can tolerate funny posts as such.

  2. No, Leonard - that's one of the problems with the Internet. Communication is often confusing without those little touches like body language, facial expressions and punches in the eye which really convey meaning.

    This post, in common with all the others I've placed on here, is entirely serious and merely there to educate and inform. I want all the world (or at least all of East Grinstead) to appreciate the wonders of Talent Free.

  3. That's all right then Cathy. I'm sorry if any offence caused, but I feel it's my duty as the guardian of the Talent Free world to monitor these things, as I'm sure you'll appreciate.

    Love and Peace.

  4. Cathy is the font of all knowledge...