Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How to have an Easy Easter.

I am often asked how come I'm such a calm individual, that never lets things get me flustered. Well it's all to do with good planning. As that wise man, Michael Parkinson once said; "fail to plan and you plan to fail".

Soon it will be Easter, and if you're anything like me (used to be) then by the end of March you'll be having a fight with some old woman in the Co-Op over the last Smartie Easter Egg for sale. Sure, she had it in her basket first, but why should you let this workshy pensioner (who, lets face it has had infinitely more time to prepare for Easter then a hard working Article Writer and Blogger such as yourself). Now it's not pretty, fighting with pensioners in the Co-operative, no matter "good with food" they are.

Fighting with old people in the Co-Op is not what Easter is about!

So now is the time to be buying your Easter Eggs and ensuring that you don't have a fight with an Octogenarian. It's Easter, and the baby Jesus would not have wanted anyone fighting on his Birthday like this!


  1. Sorry, Leonard, but I have to corrct you there. Easter is in fact not a Christian festival, but a Jewish one, where the giant Easter Rabbi bounds across the fields and villages, delivering hard boiled eggs to the orphans. Always a good time for a song.

  2. What surprises me most Leonard is that you have a girlfriend!

    Is it Cathy perchance?
    Or the lady at the top right of this blog?
    Or is THAT Cathy?

  3. Hey guys! I've just written my best poem ever and published it at:

  4. Poobah, of course I have a girlfriend/wife. How did you think I became a font of all knowledge? From books? Ha!

  5. Mr Steve Bright, do you really expect me to believe that Jesuses birthday is a Jewish Celbration?

    The gods of chocolate eggs are not pleased with you Mr Bright and your silly notions!!!

  6. He was actually born a Jew, Leonard. It took him about 33 years to convert to Christianity, by which time, the Easter Rabbi was not a happy bunny!

  7. Poobah, you're right of course. The 'sexy minx' blonde goofy looking lady on this blog IS me! Except that I'm dark with red stripes, rather than blonde.

  8. Steve: Jesus converting to Christianity has to be the ultimate in self belief!

    Cathy: Phwoar!

    Lenny: Easter isn't Jesuses birthday. That's in September I believe. No, it is actually the birthday of Estrus, the goddess of the blob and Women's love of chocolate. And was named Easter after her.