Monday, 15 March 2010

Lean on me...

I am often asked where I drawer my rather excellent cartoons and these people asking me this don't mean which room in the house I use, but what I rest my paper on.

There are many 'desks' available for the use of cartoonists these days, unlike during the second world war, where all the desks had to be melted down to build Spit Fries. I was looking for a new desk recently, as I found the kitchen table I was using wasn't really good enough, now that I am a professional cartoonist. My first port of call was, of course, the Argos catologe. Argos have a great reputation for Gel pens and garden furniture, so one could expect them to also have a great range of desks for cartoonists. How wrong I was. As you can see the only desk they had in stock was this one below (this bit of writing). Now that may be a suitable desk for a cartoonist that is just a hobby cartoonist that just drawers cartoons for a hobby, or just for something to do - but professional cartoonists have a few more requirements from their desks. Luckily Argos have a very good exchange/refund policy, so once I'd got my wife/girlfriend to build the desk, and then un-build it - we took it back to get a refund.

Now I was stuck with the dilema of which desk I should buy for my cartoon professional career.

I went into the bed shop next door to Argos, while wife/girlfriend went next door to Brantano's to look at some flip flops for her forthcoming community service. I knew it was a long shot, but who knows. They might have an old desk in the managers office that they didn't want any more. They didn't, so I walked out in disgust, and gave them the sort of look that told them in no terms uncertainly that they have lost me as a customer forever (even for bedroom furniture).

This would have made an ideal desk for a cartoonist, but the bed shop didn't have any for sale!


  1. That was a very informative article Leonard. I've been thinking of buying a new desk soon myself, and this information has really helped me decide where to look, and where not to look.

  2. I draw my professional cartoons on the kitchen table. Then I remembered that this isn't a good idea because it makes it more difficult if you want to send them to someone, or even if you want to put them in a scanner. So I started using paper, which was much more effective. Kitchen roll of course, which is nearly as good as lavatory paper (Somerfield own brand) for drawing cartoons on.

    By the way, the header of this blog looks more and more Talent Free every time I see it.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments about the header. I have tried many different designs, but I think this one out of all of them will attract the most attention.

  4. I have updated the header for this blog. Hope you like it Cathy.

  5. I used COMIC SANS for the header. I think this gives it a air of authenticity which was lacking before.

  6. Yes, the blog header looks even more Talent Free than it did before. If my old Metro was anything to go by, replacing the Metro with a tortoise is entirely appropriate (after it had gone to the scrapyard I went and danced on its grave. Orrible car!)