Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I have a dream...

People of ask me how come I am so successful in everything I've ever done. Since being asked to leave school I have been successful at many varied jobs. So successful in some cases, that I've only needed to be there for a matter of hours. I tried to become an eminent psychologist one lunch break after reading a wonderful article in Take A Break magazine. The trouble with becoming a psychologist is that people always want to tell you their problems, and that's just not something that interests me.

So I gave that up and became a hairdresser instead. Trouble with hairdressing is that some people don't like your unique style on the top of their head! I thought to myself I have done all I can for the world of hairdressing, and resigned that very afternoon.

Now since I took up being a cartoonist, I think I have found the ideal career for myself. The main advantages is that it's very easy to do (if you're a creative genius, like myself), it can pay very very well (think - Charles Scwhepps!) and it leaves loads of free time for the cream of day time TV, or a trip to Argos.


  1. Leonard, you are an inspiration to us all. Charles Schwepps would be immensely proud, may he rest in pease. I feel I have led a very 'safe' life in comparison to yours, but you give me hope that it is never too late, and that a career in animal husbandry may yet still be within reach, even at the nervous age of 67.

  2. Steve, have you ever thought about turning your sad pathetic life story into a cartoon strip?

    I'm sure literally dozens of people would want to read that, and if you were very lucky, perhaps a company that makes ladies sanitary items would want to use it in their advertising campaign and make you an instant millionaire!

    It's just a thought.

  3. It's a brilliant thought. By Jove, I'm going to do it. Thank you, Leonard. Should I use glitter pens?