Sunday, 14 March 2010


I am often asked if it's just brilliant cartoons that I drawer. Well no, as well as ghost writing for many well known local celebrities and of course drawing brilliant cartoons which get fantastic Google rankings (therefor proof that they are brilliant) I also drawer life-likey portraits of famous people like that Scottish singer LULU. As loyal readers will know, I've already posted some of the many hundreds of portraits I have drawn over the years. Well here is a another one! Hope you like it.

Taking of pies reminds me of a funny story that once happened to me that was true to life as anything that could happen to me when I was younger, in my younger days.

A friend of mine (not her, the other one) once arranged to meet in outside the local fish shop. There I was, stood for what seemed like minutes outside the local Fish & Chip shop, when she walked around the corner. "Where have you been?" She said. I told her I was standing outside the local fish shop, as she had arranged. Turns out that she had been stood outside the local FISH shop, looking at the Guppies and selection of air pumps in the window! We had a good laugh about that all the way home (I can't remember why we were meeting outside any shop, but that's another hilarious story). I said to her, "If I ever become a world famous cartoonist, I can use that to make a really amusing story one day". She thought I was insane. I sued her for slander, and her marraige fell apart, but as they say - that's another story...


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