Saturday, 13 March 2010

Paper for Drawing Cartoons on

Well, firstly I must say that I listened very carefully to Jules Cartoonist's expose of drawing paper. I was particularly intrigued at the mention 'Drug Store', but when I went to a so-called drug store and asked for a line of cocaine, the storekeeper told me to **** *** and then called the police. Since my house was already full of Her Majesty's Constabulary thanks to that, erm, Leonard Gubbins, I thought a fight might break out between the two factions and I am therefore staying with my Auntie for the weekend. In Doncaster.

But I digress. I've found this wonderful paper, which comes on a continuous roll which is great for those cartoon strips about boiled eggs when you want everyone to have a go, including some cartoonists if you're lucky. It's cheap! It's freely available! And you know what you can do with it if your cartoons don't turn out right!


  1. That's a great article Cathy, but I'm not so sure that glitter pens work too well with roll paper.

    What's your experience of glitter pens?

  2. I'll just go away and try it ... right, back now. I'd say that cartoons drawn in glitter pens on that neatly rolled paper are JUST RIGHT for Talent Free.

    In fact I might even draw some if I can get my glitter pens back off the five-year-old who lives in the house opposite.