Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I heard a vague rumour that Search Engines favour websites that have a regular input of unique, niche content so if you add articles to your website regularly, the search engines will simply be licking your toes in appreciation, and keen to sell you new pairs of socks!

So, in addition to the niche content (shouldn't that read 'nice' content? - ed) about footwear which Leonard has so graciously made on here, I thought readers would be interested to see more furniture for your pedal extremities:

These flippers are excellent holiday wear, being really bright and vibrant especially if you remember to take the pink background with you. They are ideally suited to that holiday where there will be a lot of water involved, e.g. a scuba-diving holiday, a holiday at a hotel with a swimming pool, a sight-seeing tour of Manchester, and so on. They are perhaps not the best foot attire for nightclubs, though, mostly ... though there are exceptions. Also, don't try putting socks over the top of them. It never works.


  1. I've been to night clubs (in the past) where these would have been ideal attire!

  2. Not necessarily the same place, Leonard. I've been to 40,937 night clubs (in Tooting alone) and of those, I'd say that approximately 4 needed frogman flippers and snorkels to enable you to have an enjoyable evening.

    I don't suppose they're the only ones. Where were you thinking of?

  3. I've only ever been to one night club. I (wrongly it seems) assumed they were all the same. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

    Quite simply after my first (and only) experience I decided that I couldn't afford the baby talc needed to conteract the chafing rubber of the strict dress code.

    It was somewhere in Doncaster. I can't remember it's name. I was off my face on Vimto at the time.

  4. Looks as though you struck lucky first time, Leonard. Some people do. Lucky old you! Shame about the baby talc, though.

  5. I've stood next to a few chaps whilst using a urinal in nightclubs, where a snorkel & wetsuit would have come in very handy indeed. The splash off some of these fellows was phenomenal!

  6. Did you have to pay extra for such services Paul?