Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Welcome Paul Mahoney, our latest Talent Free Author.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our latest Talent Free author, Mr Paul Mahoney. He's very kindly agreed to provide this blog with his expert insight into all things concerning rodent contraception, the best plumbers based in the Northwest, Gel Pen techniques, and of course how to make millions of pounds from drawing cartoons.

I'm sure Paul will be providing some really really good articles that will outshine our current Talent Free authors by a large margin. He has promised to publish some Talent Free cartoons, up to 50 times per day, which means that Cathy will be able to take that long promised caravan holiday at long last.

*Photo is not of Mr Mahoney.


  1. If that ace piece of beefcake isn't Paul Mahoney, then who is he?

  2. I don't know Cathy. I don't have a photo of Mr Mahoney, but I think a blog post without a picture is dull, so I just asked Google.

  3. Having seen photographs of the real Paul Mahoney (can't recall where - possibly 'Crimewatch'), it's an uncanny lookalike, Leonard. Quite spooky in fact.

  4. Excellent news. It will be good to see Paul firmly ensconsed under the banner of "Talent Free".

    (You do do banners, don't you?)

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  6. That's a picture of 'Little' Jack Wright.
    See my blog for more info.