Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Why it's very important to be funny and to laugh if you don't want someone to kill you. Soon.

I recently uncovered the most amazing fact, which I found so amazing that I was instantly amazed:

"Babies who are born blind and deaf can laugh, so the ability to see or hear is not required for laughter."

(Just as well, you might say! Nor is a sense of humour necessary! Arf arf!)

However, this is an evolutionary characteristic which we share with the jackal, the horse, the squid, the kookaburra, the cavalier and the policeman, so it must be necessary for the survival of all of these, especially if they find themselves all occupying the same mine shaft at the same time.

I find that very young children make me laugh more than anyone else. Apart from grannies. And people on crutches. Looking at this from a survival point of view I can see how this could be by 'design', since I can run faster than any of these, and can get out of the way really quick while they attempt to hit me with blunt instruments.

Laughter is now proven to be contagious, like measles and gonorrhoea, but it's probably not as much fun in the catching stage as the latter. Though it's less stressful once you've got it.

How can we use laughter to benefit our lives?

Well, as Leonard has pointed out, brilliant cartoons can arise from normal events in normal lives, such as letting your ten-year-old stretch clingfilm across the loo before Grandpa takes a quick dump, and they can also greatly enhance YOUR business.

I'm still honing my craft here, unlike Leonard, but I'm still proud to offer cartoons written in purple glitter pen written on lavatory paper (Somerfield own brand). They mostly cost £20.00.


  1. Yet another wonderful Talent Free article from our Brilliant Cathy.

    Laughter is a wonderful thing, as I'm sure anyone reading the fab cartoons on this blog will agree. Being killed because I couldn't make people laugh, was what inspired me to become a humorous cartoonist in the first place. And I tell you what. It worked. I'm still alive since becoming a world famous cartoonist.

    Cathy is right. You should stay alive and buy her book, right away!

  2. Should we condone cling-film on loos?

  3. Baco wrap is too obvious Nigel, unless like Steve Bright you have a highly polished chrome toilet (it matches his shaving mirror apparently!).

  4. It is my shaving mirror. I'm all for recycling.