Thursday, 18 March 2010

Anyone Can Cartoon

The rather warm weather we have here at Crimper Heights reminds me of a cartoon idea I had when the drive was covered in snow. It proves that anyone can cartoon.

First, you don't draw anything because it's a snow scene. Then you add four black splodges. These are the eyes of two snowmen standing side by side. Next the caption...

"Some snowstorm that" says snowman number one. Let's call him Hector.
"Indeed" replies the other who we'll call Tristan to prove he's younger. "I can't even see my carrot."

Boom Boom!

There we have it. A superb cartoon that I should have sent to Private Eye. And I can't even draw.

[Edit} That should read "lengthy tree lined drive".

What a super idea for a cartoon Mr Crimpers. I have taken the liberty of 'visualising' your creation for you!


  1. Just as I imagined it. By the way, it's Crimper not Crimpers I should point out for tidiness. Mrs C and I are of course, Crimpers together as in "The Crimpers".

  2. That's just genius! What use of line, colour and chiaroscuro ... though I detect the influence of Kasemir Malevich (think 'White on White' here).

    Yet another image to maintain the high standards of Talent Free ...

  3. I'm sorry Mr Crimper. I've been over familiar with a fellow Blog Author yet again.

    At least no money changed hands this time, eh?

  4. A splendid cartoon, indeed. Just as well the carrot wasn't included as they are notoriously difficult to draw.

  5. Thank you Gerard. I've been trying to draw a decent carrot based cartoon comic since I started this blog. You are correct. It's not as easy as some people make it look.