Friday, 12 March 2010

What to do if someone doesn't like your cartoons?

I am often asked how I deal with people who don't like my cartoons. Well this is a difficult question, because as any brilliant cartoonist like myself will tell you, just about everyone loves my cartoons. But in reality, and considering that my cartoons are available for the whole world to view and comment upon online, the world over and over (even people in West Yorkshire and Dunstable can see them!) there is bound to be a few people that don't like them.

My tactics for dealing with people that don't like my cartoons is to find out WHY, they don't like my cartoons, and the proceed to help them with their cartoon phobia problem. I like to psychologically assess the person I am dealing with. I think it's very important to understand why they are (criminally?) insane and as a good citizen attempt to help them like them.

Threatening them with legal action can be very effective. The cartoon liason officer at my local community outreach support network is excellent. Whenever I approach him to tell on someone who doesn't like my cartoons, he always assures me that "they are probably just jealous". I find this very comforting, but I do wish he'd buy one of my cartoons for his office wall. He assures me that his office wall is full of mugshots of Nigerian hookers (he's working on a top secret case, so can't tell me anymore) and therefor he cannot accept one of my wonderful caricatures of the Chief Constable.

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  1. I've just spotted the label which says 'lifelike portraits' and it's nearly given me a coronary ...!