Thursday, 1 April 2010

How to get ideas for cartoons when you don't have any ideas, but you do have a gel pen and a blank piece of paper.

I am often asked by the many dozens of people that follow this and the many other search engine optimised blogs and websites that I write and drawer for, how I think of all my brilliant ideas.

I have to be honest, sometimes it's not easy. Producing such high quality articles and mediocre cartoons all the bloody time is not easy. I am of course helped by my wonderful co-authors with some  excellent Talent Free articles, when they can be bothered, but most of the responsibility rests on me!

What I do when I'm struggling to come up  with a brilliant idea is to think of some interesting things that are happening around me. I use my eyes, and have a look around the room. If that fails, then I open the curtains and look outside. Watching people go about their normal business can be a great idea for inspiration. Only the other day, my good friend and legal expert, Burt was obviously unloading his daughter in laws car. By observing the carrier bags that all the shopping was in, I could see that they must have been to the Co-Op. This got me thinking about how these days it's so hard to buy anything in a shop without being asked in an accusational tone if you'd like a carrier bag. This made me think of a wonderful idea for a cartoon. Unfortunately it did not give me an idea for a brilliant article, so I'm just posting the cartoon.
Hilarious Topical Carrier Bag Cartoon


  1. Is that to put over his head? Can't say I blame him!

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - "Hello, Mrs Johnson - that's a nice scarf."

  3. That's a great caption Mr Steve Bright. I'm trying really hard to think of an amusing cartoon to fit with that caption. Do you mind if I use it, Mr Steve Bright?

  4. I normally charge £19.99 for a caption of that quality, Leonard, but since it's you, I'd be honoured to have you use it. What do you say to £12.99?

  5. Excellent. I'm predicting a £7.01p profit heading my way!

    I'm quite frankly excited and slightly moist!

  6. Is that a 24-hour Tescos? It doesn't make it clear.