Sunday, 11 April 2010

Summer is here already.

I'm often asked how come that I always seem happier in the summer months like we are experiencing right now. The answer is simple. I'm a qualified summerist, and spiritualist. Summer is a great time to wear flip flops, or thongs as they say in Austria.

Summer is a lovely time of the year. If you have a garden, you might like to spend some time sitting in your garden, or just walking around it, if you don't have any garden furniture. Wearing long johns and jumpers during summer like we are having now is not a good way to enjoy summer, and you will sweat like an overweight nun. The best thing to wear is something the shops like to call summer clothes. If you're a lady, then wearing as little as possible is a great way to enjoy the summer. Bikini wearing is an excellent way to show everyone you know how to have a good summer, unless you have lumpy legs in which case it's probably better to wear a thick jogging suit, or just stay indoors until winter sets in.

If you are an older person then you'll still require a cardigan even during the hottest of days of the year. Something to watch out for during the summer, when the sun is always in the sky (even at night, it's still there during the summer!) then you'll need some sun cream protection. Be careful when selecting your sun cream protection. Some of the sun cream protection on sale in shops that sell things like this sell sun cream that doesn't really protect you properly from the sun. Fortunately there's a numbering system that can tell you how good a sun cream protection is good at protection. The lower the number, the better the protection. So sun factor 4 cream is brilliant, and sun factor cream protection 50 is 25 times worse! Any ladies in bikinis who require advice on application of sun cream factor protection can always email me for advice.


  1. Apologies for the oversight, but I 'forgot' to comment on this article (see Leonard's rebuke above). Truth to tell, I was rather bashful. You see, under this large fur coat, hessian tracksuit - with a polka dot cummerbund - and a t-shirt which reads 'Fat People are Harder to Kidnap', I'm wearing a bikini.

    Leonard, I'd like you to tell me more about this application of sun cream factor protection. (Blushes demurely, shuffles feet, hangs head ...)

  2. It's OK cathy. I forgive you. I have to. You're one of the best writers we have for this blog!

    I wouldn't want you leaving and setting up a rival blog or anything like that.

  3. Actually, if I look at our vast army of guest writers on here, Leonard, I think I can modestly say I'm in the first three.

    I hope I didn't embarrass you about the sun cream factor protection, did I?