Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Research Material for the Cartoonist

Having reference material on hand for reference is handy. I have many forms of reference around my house. Periodical magazines, Disney dvds & a small suitcase of rhythm magazines under my bed just in case I've been dreaming of cartoons & wake up needing some inspiration.
I would often sit in a dentist waiting room & thumb through a copy Decay Monthly knowing a laugh is to be had in there somewhere. I would often sit in a doctor waiting room thumbing through a copy of National Geographic & think, "Ooh, you don't see many like those in this country. Not that far south, anyway". I would like to add that it's not wise to shout it out whilst waving the magazine in the face of a octogenarian lady sat with her sleeve rolled up waiting for a flu jab. You only end up having to go through all of that form filling at your new doctor's. Takes ages.
Try to steer clear of religious books such as The Bible/Tora/Koran/Night Before Christmas & The Hobbit etc. Certain people get upset &, to put it in the words of teenagers, get well miffed, guy. One things for sure, I don't want no shanking, geezer.
So, to summarise. Get some books in. They're brilliant.
Before I finish off, has anyone got a copy of Razzle May 2009 as my copy won't open? It's got a good car feature that I need to research.


  1. I'm going to look into some books right away Paul. Excellent article.

    I think this should be published in a glossy magazine or perhaps even a book!

  2. Where can you subscribe to 'Norks' magazine please Lenny?