Friday, 23 April 2010

How to avoid being shafted.

These days it's very difficult to know who you can trust and who is likely to shaft you at the first opportunity. Take a simple action of a transaction in a shop. How do you know that the shop assistant isn't going to short change you when you are buying something with a £20 note that costs, say, £1.43?

Many shop assistants are very low paid. They often hardly get enough money to provide their 15 children with sufficient space hoppers or socks, so the incentive for them to make a little money on the side from unsuspecting customers is quite strong.

If the shop assistant gives you two crisp £5 notes as your change, then you have definitely been shafted. Yes, two £5 notes, especially new ones that are crisp is quite a good feeling, but THIS ISN'T ENOUGH! The best way to avoid this happening is:

  • Don't go shopping at all.
  • Work out what your change should be BEFORE you approach the till.
  • Only pay the exact amount of money each time.
Well I hope that has helped you to avoid being shafted in shop. Next week: How to avoid being shafted in a brothel.


  1. Leonard - you know sometimes you can play these blighters at their own game. For example, if they attempt to give you two £5.00 notes in your change, along with the marshmallow fancies you were intending to purchase, and you only gave them ONE £5.00 note in the first place, then take the money and run!

    This holds true even if you gave them a £6.00 note in the first place.

  2. Cathy, you are one smart cookie. I bet local shop assistants to where you live, or where you drive to shop that's within a reasonable driving distance of your home dred you coming into their shops and buying things.

    "What out! There's that Cathy. She shafted ME! on this till last week!" - they might be expected to say to each other when they are having a break from their work of robbing people blind.