Friday, 2 April 2010

Funny Greetings Cards.

I've decided that it's about time that I began to be a successful Funny Greetings Card artist, alongside being a fantastic cartoonist and article writer.

There's something wrong with the Zazzle shop that I set up, as no matter how many brilliant designed funny greetings cards I post on there, I'm not making any sales at all. Clearly it's something to do with the Zazzle software. I tried to make them aware of the problem, but they are just ignoring my emails.

Nevermind. Here is a few designs of my fantastic cartoon greetings cards, designs.


  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Leonard, you're a misunderstood genius, like the man who designed Mrs Johnson's scarf.

    I'd like two of the top one for my ex-wives please. And one middle one for my current lady, ta.

  2. Thank you Steve Bright. It's so important to be recognised for my genius by my peers like this.

    Would you like the cards gift wrapped?

  3. I have checked, and I've got a silvery purple gift wrap paper, or just plain silver.

  4. You could offer envelopes in a myriad of colours as an alternative, Leo. (One per card.)

  5. Would this be each envelope with a myriad of colours, or lots of envelopes each of a different colour, but only one colour per envelope? Then each one could be allocated a card.

    If you wanted to send a lot of cards to the same person, e.g. 'P**s off out of my piggy bank' 'You Thieving Git' and 'Give me back my Gel Pens', a larger, multicoloured pack could be supplied rather than individual envelopes. This would save on licking time.

  6. I hadn't thought of using envelopes at all! It seems the logical thing to do now.

    Clearly by the responses to this article, there would be a big demand for my greetings cards. Does anyone know how to send them to Clinton Cards or Birthdays?

  7. Write Clintons', or Birthdays' addresses on the envelopes, put a stamp in the corner, and stick them in any red post box, Leo. Always works for me.

    An envelope in a myriad of colours would be nice, Cathy. Might dazzle the recipient, (and postman/lady) though. I just wanted to use the word "myriad", to be honest.

  8. Myriad a little lamb...

    (yes, you can use that as well, Leonard - usual rate)

  9. That reminds me of a limerick. That's another idea - cartoons and limericks together on a card.

  10. Leonard had a little lamb
    He also had a squid
    He sent their pics to Clinton Cards
    And charged them twenty quid.

  11. Poobah, that is brilliant. You've touched me in ways that Mr Bright could never imagine.