Thursday, 22 April 2010

Colours of the Master Race

Now that the new improved jazzed up Daleks have been introduced, isn't it time to add a splash of colour elsewhere.

What about boring old nuns and vicars? They dress in loads of black and a hint of white. Dullsville Arizona.

I see pink and lime green dog collars. Purple and orange habits. That should update the image of the church.

And what about labradors? Brown, Chocolate and Black are so not now. What's wrong with a nice electric blue lab and matching pooper scooper? That should turn a few heads when you're out in the park.

Come on Britain! Let's take a lead from those super duper trendy Daleks. Emulate! Emulate!


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  2. I can't believe that some people have claimed that the new Darleks are a cynical marketing ploy to make childrens parents poor this Christmas. As if a time lord would get involved in something as seedy as merchandising!

    Old Woman Kicking a Tortoise T-Shirts still available in limited numbers. Sizes available S and XXL.

  3. I've got a purple and orange habit, but i've been prescribed patches and I think I may well pull through.

  4. It's heartening to hear that people have strange habits.

  5. It's good to see those 'Old Woman Kicking a Tortoise' T-Shirts are still available, Leonard. Though to continue the theme of the original post, do you think it would be a good idea to incorporate multi-coloured tortoises into a future edition. Granted, the existing one is an enchanting shade of lime green, but couldn't this be enhanced with the addition of magenta, orange and electric blue?

    It would also be a good idea to introduce some colour into the old woman as well, since purple people are currently under-represented on T-shirts and household linen.