Wednesday, 21 April 2010

As Leonard's had to go off and have a bath ...

I thought I'd continue his task of educating the public in use of poo; there's even an official classification chart (see below):

Leonard's skill and training in these matters should not be underestimated; it takes a great deal of practice.

Of course, much of this sort of thing has reached popular culture, such as 'What has a hazelnut in every bite?' and 'swanee river'; and one health care professional of my acquaintance has likened the Bristol Stool Form Scale to those diagrams you get in boxes of chocolates to help you identify the different centres.

These should not be confused with the stools in my garden, which incorporate ritz crackers into their seats, and will be illustrated in a future post sometime. No, the stools in this post are strictly NOT for sitting on.


  1. I think we all need a bath after that. :-/

  2. the way - in 'type one', the separate hard lumpy ones - where it says they're like nuts that are 'hard to pass' does this mean that if they were offered around at a party they would be difficult to resist. I suppose - like nuts - they would have to be salted first...

  3. ..and don't get me started on type seven - I've had a tummy bug this week...

  4. Talent free to shite articles. Who'd have thought it?

  5. Thankfully we have you on board to add a bit of celebrity glamour. Can you do Angela Rippon next please Paul?