Monday, 19 April 2010

Topical cartoons.

In order to produce topical cartoons, one must constantly be on top of the news at all times, 24 hours of the day. After I wake up, wash & have lunch I head to the news agents & flick through up to the minute periodicals such as Chat, OK, Take A Break & Razzle.
Within the covers of these informative reads you will find everything you need to create a cracking topical gag. Stories such as Catherine Zeta Jones getting caught chatting up some fellow at the Los Angeles embalmers. A fat tart called Keleisha from the Isle of Wight, telling the story of how her mastiff Corey, chewed off her ear & proceeded to choke & eventually die on the Elizabeth Duke hoop earring attached to it. Her eldest son, Chewbacca, was pretty upset as he had "nothing to lick when McDonalds was shut, like". Or simply some Dirty Gerty flashing her nunga nungas for Children In Need.
Anyway, I've attached an example of what I'm talking about. If anyone is interested in buying this topical cartoon, it's yours for £20.00.


  1. You really are very brilliant at capturing the glamour of glamorous women like Sheryl Cole. Wow - what a glamorous cartoon. Had you ever considered a career in fashion illustration (very brilliant and glamorous) as an add-on to your brilliant cartoons? You could always give it a try - it might even double your intake of £20.00 notes.

  2. What a super article Paul. Well done you. And thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of the forum.

    I'm going to give that a try, right away. I'll let you know how many £20 notes (per hour) I can make from reading Razzle and the People's Friend at the same time./

  3. Why do both your characters have absolutely identical faces though? You are a very naughty man.

  4. Everyone's face is identical Mr Bright. The only differences are the noses and the eyes and other bits. The skin is very similar on all faces.

  5. Thank you, all, for those wonderful comments, I do hope you've all learned something from the post.
    Cathy. I think Cheryl Cole is jolly glamorous, as it happens. She's also a great role model for other talentless teenage girls who can't hold a note if their lives depended on it.
    Steve. Both of those characters are triplets. You silly.

  6. I think it's important that all cartoonists have some perspective here! This is not about elderly care on the NHS.

    It's about the queen of talent free celebrities, Cheryl Cole. I think Paul has captured her in cartoon form rather splendidly. I almost 'cracked one off' when I saw it. It was THAT good!

  7. Why are there no vomiting smilies in this chatroom?