Wednesday, 14 April 2010

All tied up in cartoon ideas that'll make me lots of money.

The other day while I was very very busy drawing some cartoons for very important clients, I hit upon an idea for some cartoon merchandise that I feel could become the next big thing in fashion which I suppose would take me from the dizzy heights of cartoon designing to fashion designer. Now I realise that fashion designers without womanly bits are usually considered to be a little on the fruity side, and that's not the sort of thing for me at all. I don't like kissing the girlfriend when she's had more than 3 pints of Guinness as it is, so I couldn't handle all that sloppy congratulations that takes place at fashion awards shows or that sort of thing.

I prefer a nice firm grip instead. And that's something that I'll be getting from all the fashion designers when my idea becomes the best thing since the day-glow leg warmer. The best ideas are always ones that someone else has had first, but haven't had the genius to turn it into a brilliant idea for themselves and so just allow someone to take the idea forward to the next level.

Now those professional cartoonists who read this  blog will know how popular cartoon charactures are characters. Genglement will know that it's very important to wear a tie with a smart shirt when at work looking at very important paperwork, which can be quite drery. Office environments can be very dull places to be. So how can we, as professional cartoonists get some day light into these dreary offices? With the popularity of low energy light bulbs in most offices these day, perhaps there's a product combining cartoon characters and Gentlemen's formal wear that would make everyone's lives at the office more cheery from the very start of the working day? (dress down Fridays excluded of course).

I haven't quite fully formed the idea clearly in my head right now, not that I would give away such a brilliant idea on this blog anyway. I know cyberstalkers and other undesirables are reading this with their big jotter in their other hand, just waiting to absorb my genius. I'm quite careful where my ideas land when I'm gushing like this.

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  1. This is very exciting. I've no idea what any of it means, but your vision is like Blueray to everyman's Betamax. It's going to be astounding - I can feel it in my H2O.