Saturday, 3 April 2010

Envelopes for Very Funny Greetings Cards

I've surfed the web, and found these brilliant envelopes, which I'm sure everyone will agree would be just brilliant for the very funny greetings cards you can order online from this blog. They're also very exclusive, only one of each design being in existence, and even then only in a virtual sort of a way. If anyone orders any cards we may need to get one printed, or even order a print run of three or four.

Note: only one envelope per card, please. You'll need to supply your own Evostick if you want the flap to stay shut.

Design No. 1 "The Dambuster"

Design No. 2 "Erotomania"

Design No. 3 "Freshly Ironed Cabbage Leaves Should be Applied to the Aching Joint"

I'm sure you'll agree that these will add that final touch of real style to your communications.


  1. Those are very funny envelopes Cathy.

  2. Thanks Leonard - d'you think they'll catch on?