Friday, 2 April 2010

Healthy Body=Healthy Mind.

Hello, one and all.
I'd like to begin my ramblings on this blog with a lesson on fitness. You see, I believe that in order to become a successful cartoonist such as myself, one mustn't rely just on pure talent with felt/glitter/gel/dip/fountain/ball point pens or various leaded pencils such as HB/2HB/3HB/4Hb. You get the picture. (no pun intended) I believe one must have a healthy mind....Brush pen. I forgot brush pens.
Now, in order to achieve a healthy mind one must first achieve a healthy body...Biro. The best way to gain a healthy body is by exercise. Running is a brilliant low cost, high impact form of fitness which eventually buggers your knees, so make the most of it. In order to run comfortably one must first purchase the correct clothing. If you're fortunate like me, you can probably pick up the correct kit for as little as £20.00. Or, if you're quick enough (this will come after approx. 4-6 weeks of training) you'll be able to nick some from the changing rooms of your local running club/sports centre. Don't be too hasty or, like me, you could be wearing a sports bra with over generous cups.
Here's a list...Fluorescent running cap. A must for fluorescent runners/joggers
Vest. A must for runners/joggers who like vests
Ron Hill Tracksters. A must for runners/joggers who want to look like complete chalk pens. (Ideal for glass & blackboards)
Training shoes. Shoes for training in. Cross trainers are ideal for runners/joggers with short tempers. Training pants are for children up to 4-5 years old. Tena pants are ideal for running in short spurts.
Energy bar. These are for runners/joggers who still need to stuff their faces with a sweet chew whilst exercising. (Can be stored neatly in the little front pocket of your Tracksters).
I have included a cartoon to support this piece. (In a separate post)
Please be aware that for £20.00 I can supply you with a comprehensive training programme to stop being fat.
Paul .


  1. Very informative, Paul, and some handy tips there. I like to keep myself in trim, and will often walk down the stairs instead of using the Stenna. Eating healthily is important also, and I make sure I have a nutritious intake of vegetables (chips) five times a day, as recommended. It's paying off.

  2. I agree totally that to have a health mind, you need a healthy body. One thing I'm not too sure about, though, is whether it's YOUR OWN healthy body you have to have; or whether nicking someone else's would suffice.

  3. I'm not convinced that a healthy mind leads to brilliantly hilarious cartoons. Sometimes the best humour comes from a very un-healthy mind. I'm thinking of a certain cartoonist, but her name escapes me right now!

    How well does Google index cartoons from cartoonists with healthy minds, huh?

  4. What a brilliant thread. It's made me thing of the NHS, which in turn got me thinking of goblins doing maintenance work on the Mini Metro at in your banner heading, Leo - and subsequently a CARTOON IDEA!

    ELF Service! (geddit?)

  5. I'm sorry Nigel, but I've replaced the Metro with a Tortoise.

    I hope this doesn't spoil your idea.

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... like it!

  7. How about taking up rambling - I've got some nice old jumpers you could have...

  8. Gerard. Rambling doesn't necessarily make a healthy mind. A lot of people end up getting lost & eaten by werewolves 'n' stuff. I've a great aunt who got lost on Clapham Common whilst walking her pug, June.
    He got angry when he couldn't sniff the arse of a
    Vymurana (couldn't reach, you see?) & ended up biting great aunty about her left sling back. Not quite werewolfy, but simliar.
    Running is the key. I managed to pilfer a left Asics trainer, size 9 (43 if you're reading this in French) & a pair of rather fetching jeggins.
    Oof, mama, they don't half show me off.

  9. You don't need to wear anything, let alone jumpers, to ramble on about stuff on this forum.

  10. I have you by the testimonials Nigel, so watch it!

  11. I will! What channel is it on?

    Maybe you could start a cartoonists forum, Leo. Not sure if that would be easy to achieve.

  12. A cartoonist forum? Hmm. That might just work. Do you think I'll be able to promote it on the CCGB forum?

  13. Nigel, you're absolutely right about not needing to wear anything whilst rambling about stuff online. One of my favourite pastimes is watching my elderly neighbour (aged 126) as he visits his preferred websites whilst clad only in a rather fetching cravat with a purple paisley pattern

  14. I think, perhaps, you should keep things like that to yourself, Cathy!

  15. It's not Cathys fault that the Sunday People had a special offer on binoculars. A bargain can't always be ignored Gerard.