Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Google is your friend.

I am often asked how I write such successful articles for the web/internet. Writing articles for the web is much easier than writing them for real life, as most of the readers do not have very high standards. It's a waste of time writing with proper grammers and spellings as no one will notice. A glut of spelling errors can actually enhance your prominance in Google, so sometimes it's benificial to spell well known words incorrectly, as then you'll be number #1 for that mis-spelled term within Google.

I have written many ghost articles and ghoul articles for other websites. If you are drifting around the web and you see a poorly written article on drain cleaning services, or mobility scooter hire, then it's probably written by me, or one of the team working here at Talent Free.

The most important consideration when writing for the web is how Google sees your article, and where it places it on the search results. Anything that appears more than 300 pages into a web search isn't going to get noticed at all, so there's no point to writing it.

If you have a web site and you'd like an article writing then I can help! My fees start from just £20 per hour, so as long as my computer doesn't crash, or I get chatting to Berol half way through working on it, a typical article on carpet warehouses could cost less than £50.

Contact me at leonard.gubbins@googlemail.com (business email address). There is no charge for sending an email.


  1. V. inlightning, Leonrad. Specially the bitt about grammers an speling.

    Actually, that was me pretending to be bad at spelling. Did I fool you? Ha-ha! I'm actually seriously brilliant at both, but perhaps gooder at spelling.

    By a strange coincidense, a dozen Berols arrived at my house today. Toughpoint chisel-headed marker pens, they are, just waiting to be unleashed on a big board in Shrowsbury in just over a week's time. I take it you will be in Shrowsbury, Leonard? All of the world's greatest cartoonists will be there (except Nigel Sutherland, who will be tending his flock on the Isle of Mull) for the 84th annual Shrowsbury Intercontinental Cartoon Festival, now in it's 7th year. I think Talent Free should be represented, don't you?

  2. It will be, Steve, it will be. Chichi thinks Talent Free should have a 'Big Board'.

  3. I think Talent Free should have a big beard.