Sunday, 28 February 2010

World best cartoonist.

I'm looking for the worlds best cartoonist. There's so many out there, that there must thus be 1 that everyone agrees is the worlds best. Perhaps you know a rather over-talented cartoonist that writes your favourite blog for instance? Someone who can get hundreds of thousands of hits in the space of just a few days of starting their cartoon blog? I don't think you should vote for those flashy cartoonists that get paid ridiculous amounts of money by magazine editors. Most of them think too highly of themselves as it is, and they have terrible egos that could easily get out of control.

So who can you think of that is for you, the worlds best cartoonist? First prize is a link on this very Talent Free Cartoon blog. So leave a comment.


  1. Well, Leonard, I have to say that the world's greatest cartoonist has to be your near-namesake, Leonardo. He was an Italian geezer, and his cartoons are very popular even if they are a bit smudgy and don't print well.

    Though putting one on a gingham tea towel might be an idea ...

  2. Leonardo's cartoons aren't very funny though.

    I love the Pop Art Lulu pic above Lenny. I think you should send it up to the Tate Modern.

  3. I like that picture Leonnard. It's like a charicterchure, but with a needle-point effect background in parts.

  4. Thank you Nigel. I like it to. It's amazing what effects you can get to make happen within The Gimp. To think, people waste good money on Photoshop and other such, so called professional packages.

  5. Hanging's too good for them. R.I.P. Letraset.