Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Queen Mum

I was commissioned to do this excellent caricature of the Queen mother buy one of my neighbours. As you can see caricature is just one more of my many talents. If you would like me to draw you one of your most favourite royals then please email me, enclosing a £20 note and I'll send you within 30 minutes a masterpiece like this. You could use it for a birthday card, or just hang it on your wall. Sorry, but I can't print any of these pictures off at the moment, as my printer is playing up and will only print black and yellow. I can send a very high quality email direct to your email inbox.


  1. My comments on the next story were meant to be on this story. Pretty obvious really as I talk about my penchant for Corgis and The Queen Mum (Bless her).

  2. I have done a corgi picture Poobah. I will post it soon. I hope you like it.

    Would you like it printed on a tea towel or a shopping bag? (you didn't make it clear when you ordered it!)

  3. Dear Lenny
    I think a T Towel would be nice but do you have rectangular ones?

    Please send me your Address, Postcode, Bank Account Number, Online password and Mother's Maiden name and I will transfer the funds electronically.