Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Cartoonist Club Of England.

I have recently joined the Cartoonist Club Of England and I am proud to display the official logo on my website. You can also join the club by just paying me £20, then you can also have this prestigious logo for your blog. I can also design you a professional looking logo for your own website. Colours available are:

  • Red with blue lettering (for social clubs, bingo halls etc)
  • Blue with yellow lettering (for sailing societies and swedish restarrants)
  • Yellow with black lettering (MOT stations, personal blogs, family picture albums)


  1. To get into the spirit of this I've created a comic strip to reflect a certain place I once visited. I refer to it fondly as Dim Dim land.

  2. I was thinking of creating a blog roll Leah. Would you like to be the first to be featured on my blog roll?