Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another LULU portrait. Digitally enhanced.

Here's another LULU portrait I did some time ago. As I said yesterday, I don't really like LULU that much any more, but I have 230 wonderful lifelike portraits of her, and none of Garry Barlow. I wouldn't be surprised if LULU herself (or possibly her mum) offered me £20 for this. If you have someone in your family that looks even a little bit like LULU, get in touch (email address on sidebar) and I'll send you a life like portrait for FREE!


  1. Brilliant caricature. I especially like the rucksack. Very authentic touch.

  2. did you know I was wearing a rucksack when I drew this?

  3. i thinnk stiv's torkin abowt her bra strapps lenard an i like this pic to cos for it's got eiye rings like wot ive got