Saturday, 27 February 2010

Cartooning by numbers...

The invitation by Leonard G to contribute to this blog on my specialist subject of Gillingham left me in rather a quandry.

Initially I considered throwing in the towel because I just couldn't see a common thread between Cartooning and Gillingham. They just don't go together in the same way as Morecambe and Wise, Cheech and Chong or Prawn and Dopiaza.

Suddenly though it all became clear. The common thread is numbers. More specifically 3 and 20. The most obvious link being that both words have three syllables and the two together have 20 letters.

That's the tip of the iceberg though. Gillingham station has 3 platforms, 3 town centre bus stops serve the Medway Maritime Hospital and the town offers 3 types of public transport, train, bus and taxi. On the football field, Gillingham have won 3 of their home league games by scoring 3 goals and getting 3 points on each occasion.

On to cartooning. In my book there are 3 types of newspaper cartoon; political, gag and strip. Cartoon characters occasionally come in threes...Huey, Dewey and Lewey being one example. And the most popular format for a newspaper strip cartoon uses three panels

It's with the figure 20 though that the most extraordinary similarity rears its head. Mr. Gubbins own brand of cartoonery is designed to relieve "punters" of a crisp £20 note. Gillingham Football Club are set up in a similar way. A ticket to watch the next home match against Huddersfield will set you back a modest...yes you've guessed it. How uncanny!


  1. What an inspired post Crimper! Of course the connection is now established between Gillingham, and Cartooning, I think the Shewsbury cartoon festival should be immediately abolished, and The Gillingham Cartooning festival should be established.

    There's another connection that I've just thought of as a took the last bite of my cheese and onion roll. We now have 3 excellent Talent Free contributors!

  2. I used to do a cartoon strip for the Milwall F. C. programme. Isn't that interesting?

  3. And I did one for the St Johnstone F.C. programme. Leonard, can you quickly tell me what town St Johnstone F.C. are based in, without using the Internet? I bet you a £20 note that you can't. No cheating now! Cathy will know.

  4. I know because I'm a football expert. Perth in Australia. And why waste time doing cartoons for St. J or Millwall when you could be doing a regular in the Gillingham programme. That would be as hilarious as their away record.