Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Old Master

I found this painting I did many years ago when I was at school. I remember at the time my teacher Mrs Higgins saying how wonderful it was. So lifelike she had some sort of nervous breakdown during the summer holidays. But before she did that, and started talking to stray pigeons, she said as soon as the internet has been invented, I should post it online and probably make lots of money from it. I had no idea what she was talking about, as this was 1986 and I didn't know what lots of money was. Perhaps if I'd only listened to her, I would be driving a 06 plate Mondeo now instead or something just as flash.

Well it's time to put all those things behind me now I've decided to become a brilliant cartoonist. If you'd like to buy this, or one of my other lifelike paintings that can induce nervous breakdowns then I can sell it to you for just £20. (postage extra).

*If this picture doesn't look anything like you, or a loved one, I can produce a life like drawing from a photograph you send me.


  1. Is that a characterchure of YOU Lenny becoz your quit a beautie?! :-)

  2. No that's a portrait of my teacher Mrs Higgins. She doesn't look like that anymore!