Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shrove Tuesday.

I am often asked if I know the origin of Shrove Tuesday. Well it just so happens that I do. Shrove Tuesday was actually invented on a Wednesday, but that was Mrs Shroves bingo night, so it was later decided that it should be on a Tuesday. The first Tuesday after Valentines day was decided as probably the best day to get rid of all those spare eggs that were lying around after Valentines day.

Then Better Crocker got involved, and she messed up that shit big time with her instant pancake mix. Add water and shake became the usual way to celebrate pancake day. Traditionalists still like to use frying pans and 'flip' or toss their pancakes, sometimes sticking them to the ceiling (usually the kitchen ceiling)

Which made me think of a wonderful cartoon!

Shrove Tuesday Cartoon.


  1. Brilliant cartoon, Lenny. I've got a kitchen.

  2. Would you do a tea towel in the shape of a pancake?
    Actually a mouse mat. Yep...definitely a mouse mat. Would you do that? A pancake in the shape of a mouse mat?
    Could you let me know the approximate cost?

  3. I'm thinking somewhere in the region of £20. Would that be OK for you Mr Ward?

    P&P might be extra (as I'll have to get it sent to my house, and then I'll have to post it to you, including my bus fare to the post office - around an extra £4.85).

  4. When you've produced one in the shape of a mouse mat, could you have a go at doing one in the shape of a pan scrub? With a bit of luck, you might even get the texture, taste and durability right. I'm extra careful about cleaning my pans since my recent bout of food poisoning, and one of these would do the trick!

    All that tossing's got to be good for you, too.

  5. Ah! You managed to get the white fizzy lines around the image a bit this time Len! So obviously it's a style choice.

  6. Could you do the cartoon on my kitchen ceiling, Leonard?

  7. That's gotta cost more than £20, Gerard.

  8. I can get you on the first page of Google for "sh*t Lulu blog cartoon". Could possibly go viral so everyone will know how sh*t you are and will never pay you £20 again!