Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another LuLU portrait.

I'm often asked why I draw so many portraits of LULU, and to be honest I have no idea. Even my psychiatrist wasn't sure when I asked her. Not that I see her any more, since the incident with the pot plant and the live yoghurt. I think it's only right that I share all my LULU portraits with you, my wonderful loyal audience of wonderful followers.  I think I love you more than I love my cats.

If you have a much loved relative that is the spitting image of LULU, then please get in touch and you can buy one of these wonderful portraits for just one £20 note.


  1. Great portrait, Lenny.
    Can you do a portrait of Lulu with the Take That band singing Relight My Fire, but without that Robin Williams? He left to take on his pub singer style solo career so he doesn't deserve the attention. Let Me Entertain You, my arse. Not by singing through your nose in a faux yankee accent, you bleedin' can't.
    Do I win £20.00?

  2. One of my sisters used to be called 'Lulu'. She's all grown up an' that now, though, and prefers the more sophisticated 'Louise'.

    Please could you supply this image on a tea towel so she can be reminded of her past glory while she does the washing up?

    Let me know how much you'd charge!

  3. I'm sorry Cathy, but there's a problem with the tea towels. Must as I tried to use the iron on transfer prints to make these absolutely wonderfully special keep sakes, I have not been able to source any plain white Tea towels. I've been to Argos Home store and all they have is Gingham tea towels. Lulu does not look good with a Gingham face!

  4. Paul, I preferred it when Robin Williams was in Mork & Mindy. Why oh why oh why, did he leave to ponce around with a boy band, I'll never know (he's not returning my calls since the injunction).

  5. Great comment, Lenny.
    Whilst we're on the subject of boy bands, could you knock me up a gingham tea towel incorporating a £20.00 design of the boy band Westlife, all getting a punch up the throat? F***ing karaoke singing kn*bs, the lot of them!
    P.s. Could you let me know of the cost?
    Hugs x