Monday, 22 February 2010

A new blog recomendation.

I'm often asked which blogs I like to read, when I'm not creating life changing posts on my own blog, Talent Free Cartoons. Well one of my favourite at the moment (of course it's subject to change if I don't get added to their blog roll soon) is this rather marvellous blog called, no less thus: Give a Blog a Bone. It's by none other than the excellent contributor of comments to this thus blog: Mr Poobah. Well done Mr Poobah for making such an excellent blog. I'm not sure what it's about yet, but I imagine when it has some content, it'll be as every bit invaluable to the Blogsphere as this blog is.

Lets see some photos of your patio, Mr Poobah!


  1. I'm very, very, very selective about the blogs I visit, because I don't have a lot of time, and I'm a very, very, very slow reader. Mr Poobah's blog is very refreshing and cuts through loads of garbage, getting straight to the point with surgical precision. He is obviously a man who spends a great deal of time with his finger on the pulse. Excellent recommendation, Leonard. Along with your own peerless site, my blog reading is now fully sated.

  2. That's no problem Steve. I have an intuitive skill in finding top notch blogs such as this one. I think it's going to be even better, once Poobah actually posts something.

    I've offered Poobah some FREE cartoons for the blog, for just one £20 note. I'm still waiting for Poobah's response.

  3. Yu must be a grate cartooonist to charje that much for yor pics, Lenard. Noel Foord let me hav wun of his for onley £19.95 an he is a jeniuss.

  4. What can I say Tootsie. I'm 5p more than genius!

  5. Never mind - I found out!

    So where's yours then Mr 'I'll do it for a £20 note'???
    A Links list just doesn't hack it matey!

  6. Forgive me, Leonard, but this is for Poobah. Poobah, I was shocked and dismayed to note when I visited your blog a moment ago, that you have now quite a lot of stuff on it. I'd go so far as to say it's cluttered. Are you sure this is wise? I must say, I find it a little off-putting, having been impressed by your refreshingly sparse approach on my initial visit, a feature so lacking in many blogs these days. Had I subscribed, I'm afraid I'd have to seriously review my subscription. I'd have put this message on your blog, but I didn't want to exacerbate the situation.

  7. It's an awful thing to see Steve, when a blog goes awry like this. To think that I could have helped Poobah for FREE to make his blog something rather special.

    It's not too late Mr Poobah. One £20 note and I'll make a guest post on your blog.

  8. What can I say?
    I thought I was being interesting!

    Anyway, my girlfriend, Tootsie, still lioves me.