Friday, 12 February 2010


I've been commissioned to drawer a picture of a corgi for a royal fan of corgis, or a fan of royality. I'm not sure, I can't rememeber much since I passed out through sniffing that marker pen earlier today. Now some might say it's not a very realistic looking corgi, but that's how I see them in my own unique style. Some people like to draw things to make them look like the thing they are drawing, but I think that's wrong. Quite quite wrong. If you don't draw what's in your mind (marker pen fumes or not) who will?

Anyway. I can't remember who requested this art work, so if it was you can you send me the £20 and I'll email the picture to you as soon as the funds clear.


  1. That's not a Corgi you berk!

    Where are the rubber wheels?
    Where is the little steering wheel?
    Where is the 007 logo?
    It's not even made of metal!!!!

    I think I will sue you unless you send me a £20 note as damages!

  2. Poobah - I don't appreciate your humour. This is a serious blog about cartoons. It's not somewhere to make cheap pathetic jokes about toy cars.

    I worked really hard on that Corgi cartoon. Now how many tea towels do you want to order?

  3. I used to have a Dinky one. The Corgi type seemed stronger and more robust, I have to admit.

  4. Thank you for sharing that with us Nigel. Do you have any photos of your dinky and an amusing story about it? I could post it on here?

  5. i'd like to se a foto of nigel's dink to it sownds ver nise but i did like the corrgi in the picher espeshuly the teeeeth